Thursday, April 9, 2015

THE GARDEN REVEALED.....................

Well......we finally planted our little garden in our backyard.  It is fairly small but hopefully it will yield some beautiful results.  There will be a lot of photos today so I just am giving fair warning.  LOL LOL

I put lots of things in pots as we have desert landscaping here and our soil is so very bad.  Everything is on a water emitter system so we can control the water output.  

Our state, along with others is facing a water shortage crisis so if we garden....we try to do so responsibly.

Various shots around the yard.  When we moved here last August the back yard was so spartan which inspired Brad and I to get busy.

We have two huge shade lemon...and one orange.  They give a tremendous amount of shade so hopefully they will give our new plantings some protection from our hot, hot, hot summer sun.  We also use umbrellas strategically as needed.

I have always been a gardner and am sure I will always be a gardner....but one new surprise has come about with this latest move.  Brad has finally become interested and is helping me tremendously.  In fact he has done all the "heavy work" so to speak...we actually are a pretty good team.

I've tried to show the yard from many angles so you can get a feel for what we have done.

This is actually the view of my patio from my living room window.  You look right as this when you enter our home.
I'm going to add a few annuals for these shade loving plants to put more color here.  A trip to Home Depot is planned for this evening.

Last but  not least...a pic...from my rose bushes.  They were almost dead when we moved in but have thrived very nicely with our loving care.

I know there were probably a lot of boring pics for everyone today...but gardening in Arizona is iffy at best and to be able to survive this heat takes a lot of patience and care.

hugs to all you gardeners out there..



  1. You have such a beautiful garden. It's amazing how much beauty one can create in a small space. But you have a talent for creating beauty.

  2. Everything looks so lovely. I am a very jealous person. We are having the longest winter that I can ever remember and was thrilled last week when I saw a green weed.

  3. beautiful garden! You have a wonderful green thumb! I hope the rains come and relieve this water shortage, you certainly gave new life the the roses! Tey are amazing!

  4. These are lovely photos Jo and I look forward to many more. I find gardens are so healing to the soul. This would certainly heal mine.

  5. Your citrus tree is amazing - I have a small one about 3 feet high - it would never reach the proportions of yours in our damp uk climate! You have been very clever to use the existing shade and add the parasols to make more shade - I bet gardening in that climate is a real challenge - and to grow roses in Arizona you must have huge patience and a lot of watering cans! It all looks homely and colourful. Hope you get time to sit out there and relax often.

  6. You warned of lots and lots of photos and suddenly they end! more! more please! :D:D:D Love what you did and those cobalt blue pots are magical....I want to see what you do. I love gardening it is my world, my life, and that you have your Brad now to help you, there is no more magical and bonding thing to do than partners who garden together, life becomes richer with a couple who garden happy for you. Everything looks gorgeous!

  7. Sweet Jo, I am so glad you are back to blogging. I have missed seeing you here in the blogsphere! I absolutely LOVE your garden. So peaceful...a beautiful place for quite reflection or simple relaxation!

  8. Gardens as well as people thrive with loving care. Beautiful.

  9. What a lovely sanctuary! And low maintenance too, which is nice. I enjoyed every photo -- no, there were not too many!


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