Tuesday, April 14, 2015

AHHHH......SPRINGTIME IN ARIZONA....................................

OH My......are their some geraniums amongst that lobelia?  It is springtime here....and everything is blooming like crazy.  We don't have a very long spring so I always revel in all the flowers and greenery that just explode.

These flowers are from the side yard and are so very pretty I wanted to bring them inside.
I always pick flowers from my garden when I can as I love to have fresh flowers inside my home.  It also saves a ton of money when you don't have to buy them at the store.

Unfortunately the geraniums will not be long lived here as they are really a winter flower in AZ.  They can't stand the tremendous heat of our summers.  The roses, on the other hand, will bloom during April and May....they actually like our AZ heat if they are planted in the right spot in your yard.

I've been fortunate to meet a Master Gardner at one of our local nurseries here.  Sheri, works for Sunset Nurseries here in Phoenix and is always available for tips and advice on what to plant and when to plant it.

Hope you enjoyed this little taste of spring as I know many of you are still in cold, cold weather.  Just trying to send some beauty out through the universe.




  1. All the Canadians I know who winter in Arizona have come home now because it's too hot for them there now. What to you is "Spring warmth" is to us, High Noon on a Hot Summer Day, LOL!

  2. Good evening Jo!
    What beautiful flowers, and you are so right... I always pick from my garden. I love to have fresh flowers in the house...
    Enjoy the spring while it lasts..

  3. Dear Jo,
    simply beautiful. I am the same, I love to bring some of my roses into the house.. growing them , then seeing them bloom and to be able to cut them and have them inside is such a pleasure.
    I fed mine double throughout the winter .. and now they are blooming.
    I love your back garden.. its a 'zen' paradise.
    lovely post.
    enjoy your spring
    val x

  4. Hi Jo. Isnt is lovely and wonderful to be able to blog about the joys of gardens and flowers?!? Those lobelia are too gorgeous for words! My favorite color in flowers is blue. The potatoes are simply those small red ones my housemate buys in a bag. When neither of us get the time to cook them, they sprout eyes and I realized they wanted to become a plant and recycle themselves. So I decided to plant them. I found a spot by the bougainvillea by my window as the ground has nothing in it. I added lots of compost and planted the potatoes. I learned that once the greens sprout around 4-5 inches above ground, they need to be mounded over = covered over with more compost as it is the roots which form the potatoes. Eventually the greens grow over the mound too and when they begin to die, they are telling you the potatoes are done. I dug them out, and ate them. Loved it, and plant potatoes with eyes wherever I can now so I have a continual supply. It is really easy and since I love growing what I eat this is a pleasure. I don't have a season for this, it is always warm here. They just need sun, not too much water and the magic happens beneath the soil :D. Good luck!

  5. AHHH The beauty of it all! Keep em coming Jo, I can almost smell them. My Dogwoods are blooming, and the redbuds are just beautiful, but no flowers yet!


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