Saturday, April 4, 2015

HAPPY EASTER....................

This is an unusual post for the Easter season....but wanted to share this with everyone.  Two years ago Brad and I were able to take a little trip to Europe.  We cruised the Rhein and the Main and the Danube rivers.  This cruise stopped in all the major cities and small villages along the way.

Of course, there were so many old castles, churches and buildings that one cannot remember them all.  But I did manage to take some wonderful photographs of a cathedral in Cologne.  

These stained glass windows are in Saint Andrew's Cathedral.  Much of this cathedral was destroyed during the war and the city has spent many years repairing the damage done.  

You will notice the different style in each of the windows.  Each window was installed at a different time in history as cathedrals of this size were built over many generations.  The local citizens actually removed the stained glass windows during the war to preserve them as best as they could.

  The one above was commissioned recently as the original was completely destroyed during the war.

You also might notice the scaffold in the first photo.  Buildings of this scale and stature are always under repair and renovation.

The city of Cologne takes great pride in this wonderful piece of architecture.  Didn't take many photos of the outside of the cathedral....but here is one I can share.

Takes one's breath away.....doesn't it?





  1. I never cease to be amazed at how Europe rose from the bombing in WWII. These cathedrals are proof -- and fabulous!

    Happy Easter, Jo. I know it may be a hard one for you this year -- that first year of special days is always tough. But you are in my heart.

  2. Happy Easter to all three of you....I hope Shannon is doing better.....think of you often.....

  3. Easter blessings to you, Jo. May the special meaning of this day to Christians bring you comfort.

    I love stained glass windows and these are absolutely magnificent.


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