Sunday, February 16, 2014

"LOVE AND COOK WITH ABANDON"..........the Dhali Lama

This post is about the cooking part.....LOL LOL.

I love to fact I probably am one of the few women in the area where I live that ACTUALLY does cook.

Wanted to share  two incredibly simple recipes with you today.

This one uses a crock pot.  Here goes:

Small pork tenderloin
 (I usually buy a large one at Costco and cut it in thirds and cook one third at a time..freeze the rest for later use)

One small can green chili enchilada sauce (mild or hot) to your taste

one-half large onion...sliced

Garlic , salt and pepper....that's it.....

Place sliced onion in bottom of crock pot
Place tenderloin on top
Salt and pepper to taste add garlic
Pour can of green enchilada sauce over the whole thing.
Cook on high for approximately 5-6 hours.

When done shred meat to be used in burros.  Or  over-chips...corn...not potato.  I often top the whole mess with cheese and salsa and sour cream.

Couldn't be easier.

Left over meat and salsa can be used to make tortilla soup.
We eat A LOT of mexican food where I live which means we eat a lot of beans.
Black, pinto, navy....any kind.  Here is what I'm making tomorrow.

One package of beans.....soaked overnight
sliced onion and garlic as much or as little as you like.
oil for frying onion garlic mixture
One can stewed tomatoes w basil and oregano.
Fresh kale sliced in small pieces
Vegetable broth or chicken broth as much as you need
I rarely measure anything...I just throw stuff together.

First:  saute onion, garlic and kale in oil
until soft.  Set aside
Cook beans in broth till done... keep liquid in pot
add onion, kale garlic mixture
add can stewed tomatoes.
salt and pepper to taste

You can either make this more of a soup or more of a bean stew....which ever you prefer

Simple, hearty meal.

This too...could be cooked in a crock pot although I have not done so.  Might try it this time.

I like simple one pot meals that make enough with left overs for tomorrow.  We try to go meatless several days per week...these dishes above are both filling and satisfying.

hugs from me to you,



  1. I also like to cook..... . I should say I love to cook!
    Smiles, Dottie

  2. I am definitely trying the crock pot recipe. I hauled it up from the basement (!) a week ago to use and while it sits on my counter I'm inclined to use it again! Thanks so much!!


  3. These recipes sound delicious. I, too, love to cook, although sometimes I do feel I need a break. I was so used to eating out on my late nights when I was working that cooking seven days a week wears me down. But, hubby is understanding. All I have to say is let's order in and he is agreeable. Trouble is with our finances as they are right now, eating out is not on the menu.

  4. I love those quick and easy recipes, Jo. I use my crockpot a lot. These sound delicious- xo Diana

  5. I like your ingredients and your cooking crockpot style.

  6. Jo..they sound delicious! Interesting that you mentioned Kale. I have been looking everywhere in Saigon without much luck. I recently had Kale chips and loved them. I love Mexican food and miss it in a big way. One pot meals are the best! ;)

  7. I also love to cook, although, it's not as nice without my husband here with me to enjoy the meals. But, I've been trying new recipes, and I usually make enough to freeze some.

    Thanks for these recipes. The crockpot is a wonderful invention. :-) So is the bread machine.

    Happy Cooking ~ FlowerLady

  8. I am going to have to try the Kale & bean recipe... that sounds really good....I am on a Kale kick right now!! LOL Crock-pots gotta love them!!! I love to cook from scratch too...I think it is becoming a dying art tho...


  9. I am trying it tomorrow , sounds great.
    I love crock pot meals !

  10. Hope you are still blogging, Happy Easter Josie yvonne


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