Monday, February 3, 2014

A BEDROOM WINDOW..............................................

What do you see when you first open your eyes in the morning?  Is it a chair full of clothes and clutter....things stacked everywhere, or do you see something pleasing to the eye.

Since having cataract surgery on both of my eyes this last few months (hence my absence from blogging).....the window to my world is much improved.

Instead of seeing the world as a constant blur...I see everything crystal clear.  All the pretty and the not so pretty.

However, one thing I do believe is a necessity in life is to make sure the first thing one looks upon when waking up to greet the day is beauty! 

It does not have to be something costly or precious...just something that brings a smile to your face and makes you glad to be alive.  

This is my bedroom garden with a few of my buddhas, a small stereo and some of my playful hats.  Of course the sunshine here in AZ doesn't hurt...but even on a cold cloudy day it still brings a smile to my face when I get out of be and face the day.
What is in your bedroom window?

Just curious....

I'm hopefully back to blogging on a regular basis again....look forward to seeing all of you once more.

Hugs from here,



  1. Oh, what a beautiful sight to wake up to. I can empathize with having cataracts. I've now developed them myself. Not quite so bad yet, but darn annoying. My eyes are always feeling dry and tired.

  2. Your view is great...and it is great that you are now able to see it clearly!!

  3. Congratulations on your clear vision! Your photos are beautiful. I think you are one of those blessed people who sees beauty all around you. Beauty that others miss.
    Every morning when I open eyes I see the painting of Paris I bought years ago at a flea market.

  4. Every morning I wake up and see my hubby and our two girls. Best sights in the world for me. So happy to see you posting again on a regular basis. I miss your outlook on life because you help me to see the beauty I take for granted.

  5. Dear Jo, what a lovely post, and thought provoking too. The view from my bed...needs work! I (thanks to you) plan on changing that! You're so right, each day should begin on a positive note, and starting the day by seeing things we love, is a wonderful way! I too have had cataract surgery. Not sure if you were reading my blog at that time, but I am blind in my right eye, and had developed cataracts in my left, leaving me nearly completely sightless. I was scared to death that I might never be able to create dolls again, but thanks to an implant, and cataract surgery, I have nearly perfect vision now in my left eye! Nothing they can do for the right, but I feel blessed to continue with my art. Thanks so much for reminding me of the gift I be able to see my surroundings, and hopefully appreciate them! xoxo Christel

  6. J0-What a lovely thing to wake up to. I don't have anything inside my window but I throw the drapes open as soon as I get up and look out towards the Bay. I love it no matter the season. It starts my day and calms my soul. xo Diana

  7. Your post is inspiring and your window view is beautiful.

    I'm visiting in San Miguel de Allende for two months. My window view is a patio door, that looks onto other concrete block houses. I wake up before the sun begins to illuminate the sky, so I don't see anything. But, early, early morning, here in San Miguel, I hear fireworks and church bells and sometimes, a train in the distance.

  8. I wake up to the view of my garden from my large window. Right now my view is very white from all the snow we are having. Although I am getting tired of this scene, it is very beautiful and serene.

  9. First of all, congratualtions on the improved sight. It must be like a whole new world! My one window is filled with a poinsettia from Christmas -- still pretty but rapidly losing it. I give it another week or two. It sits on a shelf with my little "altar" and under that my quilt collection, or some of them. The other window is behind the best so pretty much all I see out that one is Lizzie's rear end as she checks on what is happening outside!

  10. I just moved into a new apt from out of state and so don't have my window set up yet, but like you, I plan on having lots of plants. I'm lucky in that I have a huge window and a fairly good view but I still want plants on the sill.
    That's wonder that you are seeing so much better now.

  11. Oh Jo I'm so delighted to hear your surgery went so well! I remember how amazing it was after my lasik surgery on both eyes {I was considered legally blind before the surgery and just didn't know it!}... to be able to see clearly for the first time in my life! Wow, it almost hurt for two weeks because I'd never seen such clarity and vivid detailing so it kinda overwhelmed my brain! *Seriously it did and was an adjustment!* Like you I have made my Bedroom Windows a view for the Soul and Spirit... we're fortunate that this Historic House has very deep windowsills that you can put large objects or many on to make entire Vignettes. I have some Antique Stained Glass Windows, Spiritual objects, Crystal and Colored Glass Treasures that catch the Light and Flowers... in each window... backed by Antique Lace Curtains... it is a Feast for my Eyes as they Open each Morning and close each Night.

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian


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