Dusk is the most perfect time of day...
The bees have done their work
The birds have temporarily ceased  their songs

The ripples in the bird bath have faded to just a stir

It feels as if the earth has just taken its last inhale of the day and let its breath out slowly and ever so silently..as though to say.  Ahhhh...all is well

Now the night can do the work it does while the sun
does its work somewhere else.

Rest will come knowing rhythms and cycles continue on 

Day to night
Night to day

Nothing complicated....just simplicity...
and continuity

Be restful sweet friends



  1. I love 'dusk'. It signals to me that my work for the day has ended and it is time for 'me'. I always try to have dinner cooked and on plates before it begins. It is such a good feeling after a busy day. Your photos are lovely.

  2. Dusk is a sacred time of transition. That's why it feels special and magical, I think.

  3. There is something special about dusk, just like there is something special about you, dear Jo. Enoy your weekend.

  4. L'heure bleu....magical....such beautiful photos....
    Love to you, friend...
    - Irina

  5. That was wonderful...very restful ...Hope all is well Jo :D

  6. Josie, you must live way down south,
    as I i have seen is snow and ice..
    I enjoyed the images and warnth, haha

  7. Jo this post is so beautiful. I love the time of day just before dusk and there is still enough light to get such a pretty picture. We have alot of white flowers in our garden later on in summer and I did a post last summer with the title of Music of the Night from Phantom of the Opera. The light playing off of the white flowers was so beautiful and I love how it is playing off of yours..Happy Wednesday..Judy


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