Monday, September 16, 2013

THESE ARE JUST PRETTY!..............................

These are blooms that managed to sprout during this hot, hot summer we have had in AZ.  It does always amaze me how anything can grow so beautifully in this heat of ours.  Roses, garlic and oregano in a little vase....fragrant and nice combination....don't you think?

Fall is around the corner......the light is is in the air.




  1. Yes, fall is in the air. However, my gardens look so beautiful. Sometimes, life saves the best for last.

  2. Oh Jo, I have missed coming here! I truly enjoy your blog and what a great post to come back to.
    I love COLOR so your post really caught my eye! :)
    What a fun book that must be....Hmmm, maybe another purchase in mind! :)
    Love how your mirror is turning out. Can't wait to see the finished effect.
    I just uploaded an Art doll to my blog. If you would like to see her please visit and leave a comment if you can.

  3. Those are gorgeous, Jo. I love the colors. It is finally starting to feel a bit like Fall here! xo Diana

  4. Hello Jo,
    so nice to see you again.
    Summer has been busy, very hot. In fact its still hot during the day. We are needing rain now.
    A beautiful arrangement that you have made there.. stunning.
    It is amazing how some flowers flourish in the hot weather.. Do you water?
    I have to water lots.
    happy tuesday
    val xx

  5. Fall is definitely in the air here in Kansas, the crisp cool mornings are so nice. Our flowers are just about gone except for my sedum and a few geraniums are still blooming. I love your combination, I'm sure it is very fragrant, its certainly pretty.

  6. Dear Jo, they are very pretty! We have had the weirdest summer here in Ky this season. It has been SO pleasant, and remarkably cool for our norm! The rural setting we call home is alive with beautiful wild flowers,and trees. I have been in awe of Crepe Mertle, and Mimosa trees this summer..they seem to almost scream PAY ATTENTION TO ME! , although their beauty is very hard to miss!:) xoxo Christel

  7. Compisición Beautiful, I love that orange rose. Saludos


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