IF YOU ARE NOT IN LOVE WITH COLOR........DON'T STOP HERE.........................

Here is a photo of the new book that just arrived at my door.  DECORATING WITH STYLE by Abigail Ahern.  She lives in London and absolutely pushes color to the max!  This look is not for the faint of heart.  LOL LOL

She loves to paint walls dark inky hues and mixes anything she can find to make her style statement.

Here is one picture of her fabulous home.....she is careful to not OVERDO ....but has just the right amount of color to make a room pop. She always seems to have something a little quirky in her design as well.

Every page is a delight and it gives those of us who like pushing the envelope some great decorating ideas.  I still love decorating my home and probably will until I breathe my last breath.  It is always an adventure and as I have said before......I always prefer something handmade over something store bought.


Here is my attempt at using one of her ideas.....An old mirror that was antique gold....covered the frame of that with junk jewelry given to me by a friend...then painted the thing a wonderful dark blue.  When it is finally completely dry will varnish it to give it a shiny finish.

Look at all the texture that shows up because of all the junk jewelry.  I love this.....  I used to be very concerned about what other people thought when they would come into my home.  Not any more.....It is my little spot on this earth and I believe I can do what ever I want  to give it my look.  

This is a fairly small mirror....now that it has turned out....I have some REALLY BIG MIRRORS that could use a little overhaul.  They may have to wait till we move....but I'm churning up lots of ideas.

Keep Smilin'



  1. How cute is that mirror, Jo!!! I just love it. I am not fond of a lot of color in my house but I think it is great fun to visit someone that has lots of color! xo Diana

  2. How very cool is that what you made! Yes, you must make your space the only place where only your opinion counts LOL.
    I ADORE COLOR! lol.....just not in my environment right now, only in the gardens, but I love color indeed. Her deep shades are rich and gorgeous, will do that in my next phase for sure.

    1. Oh Serena......I like what you said about a phase.....LOL Perhaps I'm in my just before I croak phase and want to get in ALL THE LIVIN I CAN. (O:(O:(O


  3. Love your mirror! The fact that it is all one colour is what makes its texture so stunning.

  4. I absolutely love color in my home. If I didn't rent at probably have every room different color. That mirror is spectacular my friends.
    Mary Pp

  5. Too many people live in their safe beige world. How sad is that. The world is painted in splendid colors and we should not be afraid to let them into our lives. Safe is boring.

  6. This might just be the book I need to get as I prepare to paint my living room this fall! Thanks for the recommendation!

  7. ...wow! ~ what quiet awesomeness!...(O:

  8. I left something for you over at Moontides.

  9. Your home is your sanctuary
    and we think your decorations
    are awesome.

    hugs Sharon

  10. Now that's so totally you! I've been colorful forever but now at Phase # 274 :) I'm going to try monochromatic...with little pops of color of course. I'll share when I can..

  11. Loving all those dark colours Jo...And wow, the blue mirror is stunning!

  12. This Book is now on my 'Wish List' to add to our Library! Love it, Love Color, the Bolder and Quirkier the better! Adoring your Mirror Makeover too Jo, it's Fabulous and has such an Exotic rich Vibe to it. A Lovely Paint Job can Transform almost anything can't it, and hide a multitude of sins. *Winks* Thanks for coming by with Encouragement and compassionate Words. I Feel better today now that my Emotions have subsided, I'm so concerned that if the Grandbaby has a malignant tumor, the System has drawn this out so long that it poses greater risks and health issues than the poor Child already Endures daily and has since Birth. Or that we won't be able to get the Surgery done at all to remove it and Appease the System if this takes too long or cannot be worked out satisfactorily. Believe me, I'm calling in all the Favors I can with whoever has the Voice to be heard and make things happen.

    Blessings... Dawn... The Bohemian

  13. Gosh Jo I have missed you and your lovely site. It is such a delight to be here tonight and catching up with you.
    You know I love color and more color. Sometimes I think I over do it but like you this is my little corner of the world to do as I please.
    This looks like a great book and one I would enjoy too.
    Thank you for coming by and checking on me and my family. You are right it is always something but I am hanging in there and trying to keep on going.
    Now I am going to catch up with you while I am lucky enough to be here.
    My blogging has really fallen to the way side but hope to get back to it as soon as possible.
    Love ya

  14. Love the color, dear Jo!! You sound like me..I have learned not to worry about "wrong" decorating...it's so important to live with what YOU love...
    And this book...on my list!!

    Love to you,
    - Irina

  15. Τι όμορφο το blg σου !

    Γεμάτο χρώματα !!!

    Kisses from Greece

  16. I love color and I love your style!


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