LIVING A BEAUTIFUL LIFE.............................

Do you know anyone who is absolutely UNABLE TO LIVE A BEAUTIFUL LIFE?  Unfortunately, I do.

It is one of the saddest things I have ever seen.  I have often wondered why some people are able to see beauty everywhere and make something out of nothing and others can't see past the end of their nose.  This certainly is not a criticism it is just an observation.

I don't think it is matter of your childhood environment or a case of having money or not.  I know plenty of people who had less than stellar childhoods and  who barely have two pennies to rub together and they still THRIVE on beauty.  

I know I had a extremely difficult childhood and I was never TAUGHT to make MY LIFE BEAUTIFUL.  Somehow along the way I picked it up...and I have lived in some pretty dismal places during my lifetime.  Yet...I have always made them beautiful in their own way with whatever I had on hand.

Using something in a new way to spruce up my little spot.

Look at your environment......what does it say about you.

Is it clean.
Is it organized.
Do you only keep things of beauty or things that have a purpose?
Do you like hanging out a home?
Do you play music?
Do you light an electric candle or a real one if you can?

Do you have something living in your can be plant or doesn't matter which..just as long as it needs to be cared for.

"Have nothing in your home that you do not believe to be beautiful or useful."

I believe you home reflects how you feel about yourself.  If you have self love....your home will show it.  If not...your home will show that as well.

Let your home give you a hug each time you walk in the door.  Today I'm sharing a few pictures of special things I have around my home...most of them are not expensive..but just things I love and I find inspirational.  

Let's each of us shout from the rooftops how very special our homes are to us.

I think our home will repay us in kind.
Don't you?




  1. What a wonderful post, Jo. You are absolutely right-It's that old saying about making a silk purse out of a sow's ear. I have mirrored you in several areas of life and I am fortunate enough to be able to still see beauty that is all around me- xo Diana

  2. I like your words here about seeing beauty and surrounding ourselves in our homes with beauty; the angel wings and crosses speak to me, and lots of your beautiful touches.

  3. I LOVE this post! I'm like you - even with almost nothing at times I've always made my home as beautiful as possible. Love the pictures of your house - thanks for the inspiration!

  4. such a beautiful and inspirational post!

  5. I totally agree that our homes should reflect our inner selves, who we truly are. That's why I would never have a home decorated by an interior decorator -- why live in surroundings that reflect someone else's vision?

  6. Since our home is all fish decor does that show that I love my hubby? I always wonder when I read your blog why I didn't get even a little bit of that gene that is creative and beautiful. But as long as my home is functional and has the people and animals I love in it, that makes me happy. But like I've told you before, I can enjoy the beauty that others create.

  7. Like you, I surround myself with flowers, candles, and pretty things that make me feel good. Also like you, I know of people who live on the dark side of the moon and only look for reasons to say no. It is so hard for me to understand why they chose to live like that.

  8. Great post. My home is an eclectic mix of things that are meaningful to me as well as things meaningful to hubby. Hence, Angels amongst faceless dolls, oil paintings of wonderful scenes from the past amongst hubby's Indian masks. I love it this way.

  9. Beautiful post! And a subject very dear to my own heart! Beautifying our surroundings is a sign of a vibrant spiritual "aliveness" I think. Very lovely how well you put it into words!

  10. Wonderful, Wonderul, Wonderful! I love your post and it fits perfectly with the Bowerbird Friends theme Josette...thank you. Your home is lovely and I could not agree is everywhere, you just have to look for it. It can be as simple as stacking a few rocks on top of each favourite little excercise when I am looking for beauty. Thank you for sharing this post, and welcome to Bowerbird Friends! :)

  11. Dear Jo, Lovely,thought provoking post! I too am an optimist, my husband..the proverbial pessimist! Opposites attract?..Not sure, but somehow, we make it work. I find beauty everywhere I go. I loved making something from nothing as a child. I built doll furniture out of nearly anything I could scavenge for my barbie dolls! I still make things from seemingly nothing, or what most might deem junk. I feel sorry for those who can't find the beauty in life. God was THE best artist!

  12. Hi Jo,
    Lovely post and so inspirational! Your home is BEAUTIFUL! I love my home and I too surround myself with things that make me happy!
    Lots of hugs....

  13. A wonderful sincere post. You have collected lovely things and placed it so well. I also do agree that a home shows and build the mentality of the owner. For me , nothing is better, than coming home and feel at home

  14. I love my home - a real homebody me. Your pictures reflect something beautiful. Very lovely!

  15. As cliche as it may sound ~ my home is indeed my soothing sanctuary .
    Beautiful pictures in your post.

  16. Our homes are so different in everyway, but that is a reflection of who we are. I so agree one has to surround themselves with things they love. Yes on doesn't even have to have their homes filled with things if they at least feel at home in it and that what my home makes me feel like a safe haven when I want to escape the world. You have so many special pieces and collections of beauty.

  17. For me, there is no place like quote Dorothy... ;)
    I relish it. What a gorgeous, colorful, SOULFUL home you have, dear Jo...
    Thank you for inspiring....and for a very wise and lovely post...
    Much love,
    - Irina


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