A RATHER STRANGE CONFESSION...................................

I have been very fortunate and have done many, many wonderful things during my lifetime.  Yet, I find, there are still a few things I yearn to do.  One of these was to take an OUTDOOR SHOWER.  My current home is certainly not plumbed for such a thing..so this summer I went looking online.

Found this at World Market.  So I knew it would work for me and I could even take it to our new home when we move.

It hooks up to the outside hose bib...and since the water temperature in AZ is ALWAYS HOT coming out of the faucet here in the summer...at least at my house it is...I knew it was my solution.

We have used it all summer long before and after getting out of the pool....and I have been able to sneak out late at night and take a little rinse off under the stars. (O:(O:(O:

The is something so uninhibited about being able to shower outdoors surrounded by nature (BTW I do live in the city).  

I have a table with my coffee cup near by and have a robe at the ready in case I should need to quickly hide for any reason.  teehee  When I am finished with my shower I can sit down and relax and have a cup of tea at night before heading inside to go to bed .

This may sound a little weird to many of you but as I have gotten older I am more ready to throw caution to the wind before I "run out of time".

How about you......are you ready to "throw caution to the wind"?

p.s. with kids at home I know you could not do this!



  1. I wish I was your neighbour! And had binoculars! Seriously, good for you for fulfilling a dream.

  2. Good for you, Jo! I love it- Do I see a Nudist camp membership in your future? lol I LOVE your outdoor shower. Do you know we have an outdoor claw foot tub at our house? The kids use it all summer long after playing outside- xoDiana

  3. I see no problem with this at all........! Sounds great, especially in your climate......now living in Oregon is a whole other subject....:).

    I say go for it! And enjoy......

  4. Love your outdoor shower...how fun! Not ready to throw caution to the wind quite yet. Still have a grown son at home!

  5. ...i big grins! ~ super awesome!...(O:

  6. I say throw it to the wind and enjoy! It's a fabulous idea -- we could use one of those at the lake!

  7. Sounds like wonderful fun. I love your photos. Make me wish I were there.

  8. Oh Jo, Go for it! :)
    Life is Short!
    Love your photos!


  9. Very pretty shower with the table and chairs and cozy white terrycloth robe...and quite tempting to set up by our pool, too. My father had an outdoor shower when we grew up but it was ice cold! Just thinking that with the aerial satellite cameras up there, I'm amazed at how much they can see and do publish online...so I may not be too quick to throw caution to the wind...or my bathing suit and towel to the breeze! LOL :o)

  10. Sounds lovely, so does tea and robe afterwards. Up at our old farm we have no indoor plumbing. A summer outdoor shower up there consists of tipping a bucket of cold river water over eachothers heads. Followed by loud shrieks of laughter :-) Pam xx

  11. Swoon!! I love this idea. A friend of mine installed an outdoor shower several years ago, and lucky her, her husband built a stall, so to speak to surround it. I've been wanting one ever since. I can't imagine anything more peaceful or serene than showering in the outdoors.


  12. hi! found you through jeanne at collage of life. i grew up with an outdoor shower as it was necessary to rinse the sand from the beach off before entering the house! they are very common in mass. where i'm from originally. nothing like it! yours is terrific!

  13. What a beautiful treat, dear Jo! Especially since you live in a warm place, I think it's brilliant....
    Do what brings you BLISS! Wonderful post...
    Blessings and hugs,
    - Irina

  14. Fabulous!! What fun and enjoyment!

  15. Now that is a worthy goal! I think I would love it. I remember my dad used to take outdoor showers during hard summer rains that cascaded off the porch roof. Of course, my prim mama kept me out and far removed of all that and stayed bone dry herself.. lol.. But it sure invigorated my dad and made him happy... Everything seemed to make Daddy happy..


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