Friday, July 26, 2013

RADIO DAYS.................................

Remember these?

I imagine some of you younger bloggers don't....but I do.  

Nothing stirs memories like downsizing, packing and moving.  As you look at each item deciding what to keep...what to cannot help but be reminded of earlier times and places.

These are old radios left to both Brad and me from our long deceased parents.  

The Farnsworth in the first pic belonged to his parents.  I  can just imagine the family gathered around it listening with anticipation to favorite programs and imaging the happenings in their mind's eye.  The second radio..belonged to my mom and dad...perhaps it came down from my grandmother...who knows.  Anyway, I can envision my mom listening to events about the war while my dad was stationed elsewhere.  We actually had this radio while we lived in Germany because I have seen it in a few photos taken during my time there as a small child.

These are treasures we will never part with.  They have moved with us from home to home..and they will travel yet again when we find the wonderful spot that awaits.

These are busy and exciting times for us...imaging our special things in our new home.  

I will keep all of you posted.
~~ know I cannot post a photo WITHOUT flowers.....found these at my Trader Joe's for $3.99 a dozen....simply amazing..aren't they?


  1. I love these old radios. My grandmother had one just like the second one. We used to listen to it before they got a television.

  2. I almost bought an old style reproduction radio because I just love the designs and the wood and it looks so quaint, but did'nt. Having the real thing must feel pretty nice. Those flowers! yes! what a steal! You have THE BEST pictures of flowers on your sidebar, I could just drool there for hours! LOL

  3. wow, those are beauties, treasures for sure and I'm sure they will look wonderful in your new home how exciting this time is for you!

  4. Jo We had an old Farnsworth that is exactly like that one!!!! I can remember my Dad listening to it on a Sunday afternoon-there was polka music on there then. xo Diana

  5. I bet that second radio is made of bakelite, the forerunner to plastic. Do you know?

  6. I remember having radios like that when i was very young.
    my parents then moved on to radio gram with the lp side on it.
    I am sure they will definitely go with you when you find your next new home..
    wishing you happy days Jo..
    Beautifl flowers..
    val xx

  7. We have a wonderful old one at the lake my dad found early 50s -- and maybe before. Similar to your first and last photo -- it still works and we love it!

  8. Lovely Old Radios! Right now I'm listening to some Oldies from the 20's thru 40's on my Grand-Daughter's Nook, she put it on Pandora for me before she went to bed...

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  9. Love those radios, dear Jo....they are so beautiful! It is so special to have these precious things coming down the generations in one's family...
    And the flowers!!! Yes, too! I posted them on Gypsy this week! ;))) Great minds, you know... :)))
    - Irina


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