Monday, June 7, 2010

IN THE GOOD OLE' SUMMERTIME.......................

As I consider in the twilight of my years.........(you notice I DID NOT SAY SUNSET!!)  (O:  (O:
I do find myself reflecting more and more on life and my general circumstances in it.

When I was younger, I was always looking forward to the next thing........the next new adventure...whether it was going to the local pool or having a cookout in the back-yard with burgers and watermelon.

I was rarely in the present moment.....always thinking about WHEN......WHEN I DO THIS OR WHEN I GET THAT!!
Something does seem to happen when one gets older (if you are lucky).  You seem to be able to slow down and be in the present moment more.

 I can now sit under a shade tree and be perfectly content in my present environment.

I  can almost hear "PAN" PLAYNG HIS FLUTE with the soft gentle breezes blowing my hair!! is good!

Blessings dear friends please have a PRESENT day.



  1. That was a wonderful post. I hear what you are saying loud and clear. What a great reminder to stop and smell the roses and live one day at a time!

    Blessings to you too!

  2. Wonderful thoughts, Josette! I find myself doing the same...enjoying the moment more and thinking about the "next thing" less. Makes me much happier!

    Enjoy every second of this beautifully summery day!


  3. Gorgeous post...beautiful and inspiring! I love your Pan..he is magical!

  4. Such a fabulous ,nice place is by you,sweetheart Jo:-)*
    What a lovely,lightly photos...LIFE IS REALY,REALY,REALY GOOD!!!

    My Love and hugs for you,

  5. Let's see if this takes; Blogger was having major problems today accepting comments...Anita

  6. YEAH! It looks like it took! Oh Jo, this was a fabulous post! How very, very true! Now, as we one day enter into our "Sunset years", let us not dwell on the past too much, but continue on in the beautiful present as you propose here. BRAVO! HAVE A GREAT DAY and thank you for always leaving a kind word for me. Anita

  7. Well said Josette. You are so right.

    Lovely post.


  8. Good for you! Not there yet myself you well know! That wonderful little house in Eau Claire???? They put it on the market for 105,000.00 Saturday morning and it sold Saturday afternoon to a great young couple.....I feel better that I don't have that looming in the backround anymore.....But Wayne and I have discussed it and he is open to retiring there as long as he can fish! :) Can't wait to see you!!!! Love you! Sandy

  9. Boy that watermelon looks good!!!
    I love visiting your blog!!
    Pamela xo

  10. Jo, I've had that very epiphany this year, as two dear people in my extended family have fought cancer. I've stopped rushing so much and tried to be in the present, as much as possible....not always easy, but so wonderful when I am. Thank you for this thoughtful post! xx Suzanne

  11. My mouth watered with the sight of that watermelon but the words were even more delicious.

  12. Oh Jo, what wise words...we should all learn to enjoy each and every day He has gifted us diem!..."seize the day"...
    ....Smile on Rosie....

  13. Hi Jo...I couldn't have said it better!! I must share this with my 20 year old who is wishing the summer away to welcome her 21st birthday in September! I try and enjoy every day for what it brings and embrace who I!!

  14. This entry is a Gift to all your readers, today. Both the words and the photos. Thank you.


  15. Your words are wise, Josette, and I aim to enjoy the moment more, as you suggest.

  16. Hello Jo... what an inspiring post! And I agree with the other ladies, that watermelon looks delish! The flower you asked about on my blog today is my Foxglove really close up! xoxo Julie Marie


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