Wednesday, March 1, 2017

THE WOMAN IN THE BLUE BANDANA .....................

While sitting at Mayo clinic this morning waiting for tests to be done, I sat across from a beautiful woman in a blue bandana.  Actually, she was dressed in blue from head to toe.  While contemplating what her health situation might be, I realized how confident and regal she appeared to be.

This wonderful woman knew who she was, knew she was ill, and knew she would survive.

If I am ever forced to wear my own blue bandana, I hope to show the confidence she shared with me today.  

Just sayin'



  1. I love the picture. We never know how brave we can be until we are tested.

  2. Beautiful thoughts about the regal woman and that is a nice painting.

  3. You found the perfect art to go with your post, Jo! I hope everything turns out well.

  4. Beautiful and inspiring as always, Jo!


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