Wednesday, March 8, 2017

BEING FEARLESS WITH COLOR.....................

It does not matter what age one can still have fun with color.
I have lived in 10 houses during my lifetime and I have pretty much decorated everyone of them myself.  Now, mind you, I am NO DECORATOR.....but I do know what I like and how I want to live.
Each time I have moved, I certainly have not been able to afford new I just keep recycling them same old things I love.
Getting out the paint and changing up my color scheme to match my mood is something I have done in each home.  Lately, my mood has been pretty lively if I do say so myself.

Little table above used to be a boring brown...lamp...a navy tired of changed the color on both. Yellow chest below used to be red....then a rusty orange and now sunny yellow.
Have used all the art from my other houses in new rooms and in new ways...just to mix things up.  I like shopping from my own home to change my feel.
My beautiful husband accuses me of having TF...for those of you who don't know WHAT that is it is short for "tagger finger".  Oh I do LOVE my spray paint.  



P.S.  coming remodel finished last fall


  1. your home is beautiful. Bohemian and very inviting. I love that lamp with the lo g fringes and the large flower painting. I like everything. You have done a great job decorating your home.


  2. So, so pretty! With everybody doing grey today, it is wonderful to see color. When redoing my family room last year, I considered the HGTV style, but knew that I would regret seeing that monochrome look. I went with lots of color and it definitely helps my mood.

  3. Oh, I DO admire your flair! Just the right amount of color - and I love the BIG pieces of art - mirrors, paintings, etc. Wish you lived next door. I could use some advice :)

  4. I love moving stuff around. It's the easiest way to change things up. I have more than enough stuff to spread around, that's for sure. And I do love pattern. And color. And many different styles. Eclectic for sure. Much more interesting than perfectly styled and decorated.

  5. Hi Jo. I am pleased to meet you and thank you for your visit to me. My brother lives in Az so I know about the heat. Your home is gorgeous. All the color makes it look so charming and warm. We all need to do what makes us feel best and that is what makes a house a home..Happy Thursday..Judy

  6. After a five-month remodel of our kitchen to all white, I drove my husband crazy when it came to the tile--and he wanted white. Luckily---though it went in white, it is beveled and marvelous tones of gray/white/bluish in certain lights. BUT, I couldn't wait to splash some red stripe paper on the remainging walls and throw a million colored plates up. I could not live in an all white environment--so I'm with you with every brush stroke, and every bucket of paint. Loved this post, Sandi

  7. Your home is so exotic! I love it!

  8. Love you home it is so warm and welcoming. I am glad that i found you and I will be following you.

    Have a terrific weekend.


  9. What a wonderful happy, comfortable space. I love it xxx

  10. Love all of the color and the funky vibe. I think as we get older we finally feel free to have the house we want, not the house the magazines say we should have. Cheers!

  11. You ARE fearless and I love it! There's so much to love in your home -- and a great warmth as well. I need to replace my couch and am looking to go neutral -- beigy or light -- so I can go crazy with pretty colors as well. You are an inspiration!

  12. 10 houses? that is quite interesting dear.
    i changed third and willing to change forth in future far.
    you decorate your place according to your own taste and way and this is what matter most .
    i loved your glimpse of house friend ,it is wonderful and specially that sunflower looks AMAZING!

  13. Decorator or not, I personally just use what I like. Not caring if anyone else likes it or not. Like you....I reuse! Thanks for sharing.


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