Wednesday, March 8, 2017

SPRING GARDENS IN ARIZONA.....................................................

I've posted before of the difficulty  of a spring or summer garden in Arizona.  In fact, gardening in AZ can be a challenge any time of  

We have lived here going on three years now and I never tire of changing things around or sprucing things up.  In fact, at 70 years young I still get a kick out of decorating and fluffing up my house.

These are photos of both the front and back gardens of our home.  Most of these plants have been here for the whole time and they just keep thriving in spite of AZ weather.  As you can tell.....I like a "full garden" look and the more the merrier I say.  

For all of you who are still dealing with snow and is sending spring to your corner of the world.




  1. What a lovely place indeed. I have always wanted a walled garden. I dream with it, an enclose gRden with lively comorful walls and huge tropical plants. I know I will have it one day... I believe that dreams do come true


  2. Wow, your walled garden is wonderful!

  3. lovely----and i'm jealous, low of 22 tonight expected. Sigh....! Thanks for the lovely peek, Sandi

  4. So beautiful, I can just imagine chilling out there xxxx

  5. It's so beautiful, Jo. And today when it's so cold here in Michigan, a welcome remedy to winter. (We just beat it home ahead of the New England blizzard!) What a lovely way to begin your day in such a haven.


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