THIS BLOG IS BACK IN BUSINESS...............................................

I have been gone for almost a month.  Needed a well deserved break to deal with some health issues.  

But now....I'm back to blogging and looking forward to connecting with all of you again.

Just want to share with you something I have been working on.  

I am a firm believer in having elements of a "spiritual" nature in my home.  It really does not matter what religious significance it imparts....although I do have my own set of beliefs.

This holiday season I have embarked on  a project of making my own personal statement with these little pieces.  

Each one is made with things that have meaning to me...and things I have picked up during my life's travels.

This little altar piece is made of a Mexican Milagro heart, the top of an old snuff can found in Wyoming, part of a pair of earrings and a Grecian coin that has an OWL in the center.  The coin was gifted to me over 20 years ago by a wonderful woman on a trip to  Greece.  She wanted to let me know how much she valued my visiting with her so she made sure I left with a little gift.

The Milagro is topped with an old rusty bottle cap I found in South Dakota while walking my beautiful dog....Skyler.  Each time I look at this piece I have made I will be reminded of all the places I have been and the lovely people I have met.

As I get older I do spend more time thinking of the significance of all the people and places I have been fortunate enough to encounter.  

This holiday season is a good time for all of us to think on the spiritual side of our lives and if you are able.....make a little visual something that is special to you as a constant reminder.

As you know.....I ALWAYS prefer something homemade to something store  bought......

Have missed all of you and hope each one of you has a wonderful coming week.




  1. Yay! I'm glad you're back in the blogosphere! And sharing your beautiful art with us again.

  2. So wonderful to hear from you again. I miss your wonderful outlook and the beauty that you create. You make me feel things and see things that I would normally not see.

  3. Welcome back Jo. It is well understood by some why we disappear and then why we return. I do hope your return is met with well deserved appreciation for all your delightful joy of life! Now it is my turn to go into hibernation :D, truly. But I will be checking in on bloglandia from time to time. hugs!

  4. Welcome back, my friend. I absolutely love your Mexican Milagro heart. You have so much talent.

  5. Tokens of good memories are so precious and more meaningful than a bought item that loses its value in days.

    Welcome back and I hope all is well with you and yours.

  6. Welcome back, Jo. I hope your health issues have eased and all is well. You certainly have used your time creatively. I love your art. Very nice!

  7. Trying to do a little of my own catching up...again. I love your way of dealing with life and cherishing all your memories Jo. I do hope we'll meet and share a day together again somewhere along our journeys. You're forever in my heart :)


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