Saturday, December 14, 2013


Each of us has our own way to seeing things.  How can one see the "sacred" in something without venturing into the "sweet sentimentality" that comes along with memories.

Some see miracles while others see something that is ordinary.
Some see beauty while others just see more work to be done.  Many see compassion while others see meddling. 
The list could go on forever.

This business of the Holidays, the shopping, the stress, the running here and there often means we have little time for sincere reflection of our lives.

This holiday I'm challenging myself to see more of the sacred in everyday.  This view is not necessarily strictly from a Christian perspective but from a perspective that engages one's soul.  
I'm going to really put some thought to the things I put around my home that reflect my sense of the Holiday season.

This Christmas glass is part of a set that has been in my home for over forty years.

I only have 7 of the 8 remaining....but this year they will hold flowers instead of drinks.  

No big Christmas dinner served here this holiday...but each time I view these glasses I will remember all the holidays past and all the people who have lovingly held these glasses in their hands.  Taking it a step further....I can envision all the workers over forty years ago  slowly crafting these glasses and putting the simple decoration on each one..with their own anticipation of the holiday season.  

Taking the time to really put some soul into your Holiday is really the important thing.....don't you think?





  1. I love your approach. I am also reminded of those who go out and feel the rain and those who just get wet.

  2. That was a beautiful post, and I totally agree. Those glasses are lovely. I just love things that remind us of days and people from the past. Take ribbon candy, for example. I put it out every Christmas although none of us like it, but it just seems to make me feel closer to my grandmother. Christmas in her house was never without that traditional dish of ribbon candy.

  3. You are so right! I love the family traditions!

  4. I know my posts lately have been on the Scroogey or Grinchy side but really, I do like and enjoy Christmas! But it also lends itself to such grumpy humour!

  5. That was so beautifully said and I so agree. I just wrote a little something about that, ''doing" Christmas 'my way'....its been so challenging all these years in so many ways, but this year I'm putting out only what I love or what has meaning. Its all about SOUL ~ love this. What if everyday, we created only that which is sacred to us? what would that environment feel like? sigh

  6. A beautiful way to experience the Christmas season.

  7. You are exactly right, Jo. It is those simple memories that put the spirit of love into our Christmas days. xo Diana

  8. Everything in your home is soul-deep beautiful Jo, including you :)

  9. A fine reminder to all of us -- eloquently stated and beautifully illustrated.

  10. While I am guilty of the hustle and bustle of the season, I never let go of the reason of the season and that fills my heart to capacity and beyond and fills my soul.

    XO Danielle

  11. Jo, I look forward to seeing where your soul journey takes you~
    Have a Merry Christmas!!

  12. What a lovely post and great idea to use the glasses as vases. Yes, life certainly gets crazy around this time of year. I find that I must find my quiet moments in among the chaos or else I feel suffocated.


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