Monday, August 19, 2013

MAKING THINGS MORE INTERESTING...........................

I'm afraid I'm the sort of gal who can never leave well enough alone.  (O:
Anytime I find something I love to incorporate in our home...I end up changing it in some way.

These pieces are things we have had for quite sometime and I wanted to give them a little different feel.

The Mola above was purchased in Panama in the 60's while I lived down there with my first husband.  I had the old frame laying was an antique gold.  I thought it would be more striking painted a dark, dark bluish purple.  Completely changes the feel of the thing.

This old funky mirror was actually in a pile of junk.  The frame was silver..but I loved the funky look of it.  Brought it home, glued the small mirror in the center and painted the frame that same moroccan blue.  Looks so much more interesting.

And finally this old has been a million different colors as I paint it whenever the mood strikes.  Blue again~~ as I am adding it to my color scheme and I've adorned it  with some old fringe from a scarf.

I believe a person's home speaks volumes about the person living there.
I've never been one to follow current trends as I seem to have my own funky style.

Like it or not....I truly think everyone should follow their heart when doing their home.  Don't worry if it isn't the latest in thing or doesn't look "decorated to the nines".

Just me and my opinion.




  1. I love your courage to take something and go at it -- and the creativity to do it well!

  2. Beautiful! You are so fearless in your decor to change things on a whim!I would love to see your complete space!

  3. That is what I love most about getting to "peek" into each other's homes. a bit of one's personality and style shines through as well as their uniqueness. I love it. Beautiful Jo.

    xo Danielle

  4. I love it. You've got so much creativity. Beautiful, Jo.

  5. Jo- I am exactly the same- I say do what makes you happy and it is always in style- YOUR style! I have things that are old that I love and still speak to me and I use them in my decorating. Love your changes. I think you have a bit of gypsy soul in you? Love it!!! xo Diana

  6. I would love to have your eyes when I go to garage sales. I would look at that old mirror and go that's an old mirror and walk away from it. My sister is better at seeing the possibilities but I sure didn't get that gene.

  7. Thank you for the delightful comment! You are a ,sweet friend.
    Smiles, Dottie

  8. A little spit, a little glue, some paint and some shine can make old things new again and more appreciated. I wish that worked on people.

  9. Dear Jo, love your opinion, and your funky style! I too think that when we follow our heart, we are much better satisfied with the outcome..truly making our houses...home! Have a great week xoxo Christel


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