Tuesday, August 20, 2013

BLUES HUES.......................................................

I have never be a lover of blue...per say,  but lately I'm so drawn to this color.  Perhaps because it is considered a cool color. But this one has such warmth in it that I have really fallen in love.

As a person who always has cut flowers in the house whether from my garden or purchased elsewhere, I am always on the lookout for vessels to use as vases.  Here are three different styles in the same wonderful blue.  The one above is a bulb forcer purchased for 50 cents at a garage sale.

This one is a Starbucks coffee bottle.  They introduced a new coffee flavor and I could of cared less about the coffee....I just loved the bottle...so I purchased the coffee.

And last, but not least, is the real thing.  A cobalt blue crystal vase from my ex-husband's house.  He left many lovely things and my children did not want this....so I carried it home with me.

I think they look so very pretty displayed together.....gives such a wonderful color punch!

Are you a blue lover?




  1. Yes, blue and yellow are my favorite colors. I'm a cool lady!

    You vases are all beautiful..

  2. I am as well, your blue items ate amazing, the perfect blue!I love that you always have fresh flowers,

  3. That is a lovely shade of blue... Its good to throw in a new to you color every once in a while.
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  4. I have always loved blue but when I was at the laundromat the other day I told Jim that I have way too much purple and pink in my wardrobe and I really need to add some other colors. lol Found a Navy blue top at a garage sale so I do have something that is blue now.

  5. Blue has always been my favorite. Those blue vases are exquisite. Royal blue. Starbucks here never offers anything so lovely.

  6. ...yessum! ~ lurve the cobalt blues`y muses!...(O:

  7. I love cobalt blue glass! Small cobalt blue bottles look wonderful lined up on a sunny windowsill.

  8. Ooooo! Beautiful I love cobalt the best of all blues! It has a certain energy I think.

  9. I used to collect blue-green glassware. Now my curio is full and I grew tired of it. What to do? Many pieces are antiques, so be careful with your collections!

  10. Hi Jo,
    I love cobolt blue. I painted a canvas with giant cobalt blue tulips.. its in my apartment in the Algarve.. it was in an exhibit too.
    I went through my blue phase.. At the moment its burgandy , yellows, white,
    But cobolt and midnight blue are the nicest of the blues for me. I love your vases.
    Great buys..
    have a great wednesday.. val xx

  11. I am a blue lover and especially love cobalt with bright flowers -- so pretty in a window with the light coming through and the bright contrasts!

  12. Your bottles are not only beautiful, they have memories... that makes them even better. I've been drawn to the blues lately also but not the dark ones. I've loved darker colors forever but for whatever reason, the pales are sneaking in:)

  13. I am a blue lover and collect blue bottles.


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