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I have never attempted to make jam.  I actually don't know why because it is actually pretty easy.  Perhaps I didn't because I thought it involved canning jars and all that came with THAT.  (?:  

This is jam made from Pluots.  Don't know what a Pluots is? Well neither did I until this summer while shopping at my local Costco.  A Pluot is a cross between a plum and apricot (I think)...at least that is what the name sounds like.  This wonderful fruit hails from France and is a summer delight.

I had some that were getting ripe and needed to use them so I found a jam recipe somewhere on the net.  Here it is in all its simplicity:

4 parts cut up fruit
3 parts granulated sugar
3 tlbs. of lemon juice 

When I made mine I had to figure out by actually measuring the fruit in a one cup measure....did the same with the sugar.
Add all the above ingredients in a deep sided pot...heat until temp comes to 221 degrees...I stirred mine pretty much constantly as I didn't want it to burn.  If it does not appear thick enough...cook a little longer until you like the consistency.

Let cool and put into pretty jar.  It will get thicker and a little firmer if you put it in the fridge.

This makes a sweet jam with a little bit of tart because of the lemon juice.  You could probably fool around with the sugar and lemon juice if you wanted it a little less sweet.  You could also use any fruit you have on hand such as blueberries or strawberries.

We had it on toast this morning and it is wonderful.

Who knew jammin' was so easy?

have a sweet day,



  1. I learned what Pluots were this summer. They are delicious. I'd love to try your jam. Never tried canning either. My grandmother used to can, but I never really learned how myself. And now that I have downsized, I really wouldn't have any room for storage.

  2. Sounds and looks absolutely yummy!
    Have a great day.
    Always Queenie

  3. I knew someone once who always made "freezer jam" out of strawberries. It was a simple recipe too -- just strawberries, some sugar and pectin, I believe, and then put it in containers with lids and freeze it. Great to have in the middle of winter -- the taste of summer!

  4. Thank you for sharing some of your earthen goodness with us all. I will definitely try to make this.


    P.s. I changed my blog name again~

  5. Oh, sounds yummy and something even I could do :)

  6. SWEET! I've never made jam either because of the canning process, but from what I've read from other bloggers, if you make it and eat it up with a few days or so, then there is no need to worry about the sterilization process. Homemade is always better! Best wishes, Tammy

  7. Hi Jo..yay..such a super beautiful post..thanks for sharing this yummy treasure....looks divine, and a beautiful color too! Gorgeous pictures!I think making jam is so fun and wonderful to share as gifts...
    Wishing you a wonderful September!


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