Thursday, May 16, 2013

LOVING WHAT IS.................................

Are you the type of person who can relish whatever life gives you?  I know I have not always been able to do this.

It seems as though this particular concept has only presented itself as the years of my life have been year after another.

When I was younger....I fought tooth and nail to have outcomes turn out as I desired.....although they rarely did.....I didn't get it.

Getting older.....I did the same thing....trying to run away from uncomfortable things and giving advice to people I thought needed my help.....I didn't get it.

I tried to retrieve people I had offering a simple apology.....they no longer needed me or no longer cared to have me in their life.....I didn't get it.

It has only been in later years that I realize that EVERYTHING you are handed in given to you for a reason. might as well LOVE WHAT IS.....because.....WHAT IS.....IS and you really have no choice but to get through this particular moment...staying calm, if you can...knowing that in the are learning a lesson that you were meant to learn.....  If you don't learn it this WILL be 
given another chance to do so!!  (O:(O:

Hugs from my house to yours,


Included these old song sheets because I thought they were great....


  1. very true and very wise words, I also enjoy the photos,

  2. Sound words of wisdom, how right you are and I wish that we could pass this on to our kids ad that they would listen. But they won't because they have to lern this for themselves x

  3. Oh my - so very true. Especially about the additional opportunities to learn the lesson. And those are usually additional opportunities you don't want.

  4. I couldn't agree more. Even now, as I'm facing challenges, I am discovering grace and some how, somewhere, a reason! It doesn't always make it "better," but it helps make it easier to live with.

  5. Oh Dear Jo I can so relate and have a point of reference to these struggles. Especially in the realm of Friendships when the Letting Go of those that have distanced or changed over Time means that retrieving isn't always possible... or necessary. My Dear Old Dad always used to offer these Sage Words and I didn't Get It til I got more Wisdom in latter years... "Anyone who can walk out of your Life... let them... they were never really tied to your Destiny anyway... their Reason and Season for being in your Life is probably Fulfilled... so just Let Go... and move on..." That is sometimes easier said than done, but the Wisdom in it, now I Get... and Practice... and that is so Liberating and makes me Appreciate whatever Time I was given with each Precious Person... however long they stayed... and regardless of why they left.

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  6. Happy weekend Jo,

    I like coming here to see what you have shared
    because I always find that you are a straight
    shooter, that is one who speaks the truth.

    Speaking the truth is often painful, not
    simply for the person sharing but often
    for the person receiving. It often ends
    in Drama.

    Drama has an inate affect on all who
    are within listening distance to acelerate
    more drama.

    Even if your intentions are good, your
    words are often interpreted as a battle

    I think it takes many years of learning
    about life and people before we grasp
    this lesson.

    Everything is as it should be...

    take a cleansing breath
    and inhale the wonder
    of a squirrel laying on a
    branch, basking in the sun
    grateful the trees have blossomed
    and thankful to just simply be.

    Great post gramma
    blessings of love and light.
    love Sharon

  7. Absolutely! Life is too short to waste time stressing about what should or could be...Great POST!

  8. I'm still quietly here.....and miss you


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