Saturday, May 11, 2013

GARDENIAS AND A PURPLE POLKA DOT TEA POT...................................

I believe this is the perfect mother's day gift for all you moms out there.  This little tea pot is so cute and quirky and the Gardenias are the most heavenly of flowers.  Their smell simply engulfs any room you place them in.

My mom has been dead for many, many years so I can only celebrate her memory on this special day....but I do think of her so often and how unique and special she really was.

However, I am blessed to still have my Aunt Ruth, her sister, in my life.  Ruth is as unique as my mom and such a pistol.

We visit her and her family each year and she always welcomes us with open arms.

In closing I want to wish each of you moms out there a Happy Mother's doesn't matter if you are an empty nester or the old woman who lives in a shoe....each of you are special. Please remember, without our mom's NONE OF US would be here.....they got us here....and hopefully we NEVER forget that!




  1. I love gardenias, enjoy your visit to your aunt. We actually celebrate Mother's Day in March but I will give my mum some flowers as she deserves two Mother's Days xxx

  2. Like you, I celebrate the memory of my mom -- and mooms everywhere. This one is lovely!

  3. I too celebrate the memory of my Mom, Jo...she died when I was eleven years old. I still miss her so much so to honor her I try to be a good Mom and Grandmother to my own.

    May your day be filled with all things lovely and wonderful!

  4. Happy Mothers Day, Jo.
    My Mom has passed away as well
    as a matter of fact everyone
    in my family older than me has

    That makes me the Matriarch.
    There have been many wonderful
    women in my life.

    My Great Grand Mother lived
    long enough to hold my eldest
    son. We have a picture of
    5 generations which is rare

    Happy Mothers Day to all.

    hugs and blessings

  5. Memories of my mom will be with my everyday of my life. Thank you for sharing some of yours.


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