Saturday, May 4, 2013

CINCO DE MAYO.......................................................

Tomorrow is the 5th of Arizona, as in many Southwestern states, we celebrate Cinco de Mayo.  This is a day for Mexican's, American's and Mexican-American's to celebrate Mexican heritage and pride.

In Mexico, specifically in the region of is a celebration of The Battle of Puebla.  It is the battle where Mexican's beat the French forces on  May 5th, 1862.  It IS NOT Mexican Independence Day, which many of us were lead to believe....that is celebrated on September 16th.

Here, in Arizona, the day is spent eating, drinking and dancing and in general just having a great time.
Since we have such a large Hispanic population in our state it really is a holiday in which all nationalities participate....I think that is as it should be.

I've shown you pics today of a Milagro I just finished. It is based on traditional Mexican talismans.  Milagro means "Miracle" in Spanish.  These personal charms can remind us that "miracles" can and do happen in this world of ours.  Mine is made from pieces of junk, as usual.  An old paint can lid found in Texas, old junk jewelry, and a piece of a tin candle holder from Mexico.  Milagros can be made to resemble anything you desire....some of the more common are the feet, hands, hearts or any other body part or item that an you feel could use some help or spiritual assistance.
Milagros area helpful tool for Spiritual any area. 

I plan on wearing mine as a pin.....and I will wear it right by my heart.

Loving is what your heart does best.
"Querer es lo que' su corazo' hace major."

Here is sending love from me to you.




  1. wow, this sounds amazing! Very exotic to my Northern Canadian ears and eyes, I love it!!!!!

  2. Like Laurie, Cinco de Mayo is not something I've ever seen celebrated here in Canada. But perhaps as we get a bigger Mexican and Latino population, we will have it here too. A beautiful Milagro you made -- happy Cinco de Mayo!

  3. ...a way awesome swell smile with thee! ~ blessed be!...(O:

  4. Muito Lindo e bonita Jo.
    Tu tengo mucho talento.. you have a lot of talent.
    thank you for your little story of the 5th of May.. its very mexican. But how nice you all join in.
    best wishes.

  5. Happy Cinco De Mayo to you. That is a beautiful piece. I hope you are well and surviving the heat.

    xo Danielle

  6. One of the things i most love about blogging is what I learn! Thanks! Nice milagro!

  7. I love your milagro!! They happen to be favorites of mine as well.
    Happy Cinco de Mayo !

  8. Thank you for this story of history and showing your interesting and lovely!


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