See.......I told you so! LOL LOL
This is "little man" as my wonderful soul mate calls Skyler, our new puppy.
We have finally arrived at our destination in Montana.....six days driving two to three hundred miles per day....it is good to be in our little spot.  Our dogs do really well traveling, although, I believe Skyler was a bit car sick yesterday....he wouldn't eat or drink and looked a little "green around the gills"... but he is certainly better this morning....as frisky as usual!! lol lol

We are parked a little ways from our condo....our friend, Bud, lets us park in his RV Man Cave so we have the run of the place and it is great for us and great for the dogs.

This year, we have rented the condo...for the first time....our neighbors from AZ will be here in a few days to stay there the first two weeks in August.....so we have to skidaddle  and meet the cleaning person and spiff up the place a little.

The weather is cool, cool, cool here this morning and that Montana sky is as blue as the ocean.....oh how I love this state!!

Internet service is a bit slow downloading blogs ....... so I will visit as often as I can....may take the laptop into town where there is probably better wi-fi....and try to visit there.  Anyway.....closing for now....plan on doing some junking and site seeing as soon as we get organized
Hugs from here,


  1. He's so cute. I just want to pick him up and hug him.

  2. Hello Jo:
    Skyler is, as you rightly say, adorable and very, very beautiful. It sounds as if you are embarked on a wonderful holiday - we wish you all much happiness.

  3. Oh my,
    Skylar is absolutely charming.
    I am so happy you decided to open you heart
    to a new puppy, Jo.

    Enjoy your trip
    wishing you and your hubby a happy weekend

    hugs Sharon

  4. Enjoy every Montana moment- Your fur baby is a cutie! xo Diana

  5. Skyler is absolutely adorable. Enjoy the cool weather!

  6. That little man is smiling! Precious! Glad to hear you made it to your destination safe and sound. Cool weather? I can't even imagine! Enjoy! Tammy

  7. Montana, now THAT is being in God's country. I can't wait to see shots of the scenery and mountains. It must be great to pile stuff and yourself in an RV and travel the country. I would never be able to drive one myself, let alone park it! Have a great time. xo

  8. I forgot to say that Skyler is the most adorable pup! So cute!! xo

  9. Skyler is just adorable and has the cutest little face. Poor fellow, i have one dog that gets car sick, they soon recover.
    How great that you can be near your condo. I rent mine out for the summer season too and would love to do what you are doing.. it all sounds so exciting.
    Hope you find some nice bargains.. I believe Montana is beautiful.
    happy weekend to you Jo.
    val x x x

  10. Oh, Montana is just gorgeous, I can see why you love it! And your pup is SO adorable! :D


  11. Skyler is one seriously cute dog! Enjoy Montana and your friends!

  12. He is just too gorgeous for words, how I do miss having a dog around. A long drive but I am sure that you are going to have a wonderful break. Enjoy and have a good week. Diane

  13. He has such soulful eyes! Beyond handsome...
    Montana sounds like heaven! Looking forward to pics eventually.

  14. Skyler is beautiful - may be not as beautiful as Scooter and Skittlez (lol) but pretty close. Enjoy your time up north. We're back in Helena and it's going to get warm down here next week.

  15. love that little dog, you are right he is beautiful, is he a st charles spaniel? we have cockers (4) and are the best friends you could ever want. beautiful blog

  16. Hi Jo. Glad to hear you got there safely. Have lots of fun thrifting. I hope you find something wonderful.


  17. beautiful he is! enjoy him and the cool weather! :D

  18. What a gorgeous little fellow! Those eyes could melt anyone :)Pam

  19. Such a beautiful state! I love the picture of your "little man". He is adorable!

  20. Oh Jo, so happy you arrived safe and sound at your destination!
    Oh Skylar is adorable! Give him a BIG HUG from me! :)
    Have fun with your friends and the kids (dogs) LOL

  21. What a beautiful little face...he is adorable...Glad your having a great time...sounds so pretty there...Enjoy!!!


  22. YUP, he definetly is adorable !!
    I bet you are enjoying your time in Montana, a little cooler climate. From the border, I am just a 7 hour drive north.

  23. bless his sweet little self, little man is wonderful. ((hugs))

  24. skyler isjust so adorable,handsome boy!!


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