Wednesday, August 29, 2012


The above sign best describes our dogs to a "t".....
however....Our new puppy, Skyler, is now enrolled in school...Yep...he starts this Friday.

I'm fairly certain he won't know what hit to speak.  He is now seven months old and needs to be trained in walking with a loose leash.  He knows how to sit, will come when summoned (most of the time LOL LOL) and knows instinctively how to fetch....but there is much for him to learn so he can become a "great" dog.  

Both of our Cavaliers are "love bugs" and like nothing better than to give us face hugs.....well maybe there is one thing they like better......

Yep, you guessed it,......being a COUCH POTATO.
Will keep you posted on "little man's" progress.
Have a great day,



  1. Hello Jo:
    These are simply wonderful images, and we are certain that Skyler will, in no time at all, become a really great dog. In fact, we think that he is most likely that already and is bound to become teacher's pet!!

  2. Awww your pup is so adorable. Good luck with his new schooling.


  3. first day of school is hard for even pups I would imagine, best of luck to the little love,

  4. I am sure that Skyler will be the star pupil of the school. Who could not fall in love with such a beautiful dog. wishing him good luck on his first day.

    Thank you Jo, for your sweet comments left on my post.
    It is great, when we follow the same bloggers.. we get to know each other .
    would just like to add. I love your side images on your blog.. they are so lovely.
    val xx

  5. How adorable he is and how sweet it is that he will be going to school. I love it. Waiting to hear about his progress.

  6. Skyler is such a cutie patootie! I am sure he will do wonderful in school.

  7. Hello Josette,
    Skyler is so sweet! And Gorgeous! I didn't know there was school for doggies. I think my two little yorkies could use some training! They too love to sleep, especially Emma. Betsy loves to fetch....all day long : )
    I just love face hugs!

  8. Dear Jo, I apologize for not visiting lately, my DH has had, and still is having a terrible health crisis, and I have truly just not had time to visit anyone, but today, I am taking a few minutes to see some of my favorite blogs, and gather my thoughts. You are such a great photographer! And the subject matter?..well simply adorable both Skyler, and your DH! xoxox Christel

  9. He is sooo adorable Jo~ Good luck & keep us posted!!

  10. ha ha....and out of ALLLLL the "first day of school" photos I've seen on facebook, and blogs and from my own kids.
    NONE have been about a puppy.
    How cute is that.

  11. Good luck to your baby! I know he will be a fantastic student! :)


  12. Those big eyes would melt anyone's heart.

  13. A couch potato huh ?
    He looks quite comfortable on your hubby's neck.

    almost like he is perched there.
    Is he a bird-dog ?


    I love the piccy's of him
    keep us posted on his progress at school, Jo.

    love and hugs

  14. So very,very cute. My new doggie needs to go to school also.

  15. I am Ms, Couch Potato... and your babies are the cutest thing in the world!

  16. Awe....I just love the face hug shot! That is priceless! Big hugs...keep us posted. xoxo


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