Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Have any of you been fortunate enough to have a life long girlfriend?

I know......I haven't.  Oh I have friends that have been in my life for many, many years...but I don't have one left that is from my pre- school or grammar school years.  

Occasionally one will come to mind such as very best my middle school years.  I spent hours at her house playing tether-ball....gads...I wonder if anyone even knows what tether-ball is in today's world?

Another my early school years in a very small town in Kansas.  Alas, my family ended up moving far away from its roots more Jenny.

And there was Nancy....she was PERFECT....I mean perfect in the nicest way.  Her clothes were always ironed, her skin and hair were beautiful, she was kind and her mom was A STAY AT HOME MOM. They had dessert EVERY NIGHT after dinner....I mean every night!!! A kid's dream. Each of these girls touched my life in a special way...since my home was generally filled with chaos. Their homes were safe places to hang out...and I knew I was always welcome.

I really don't know what happened to each one of them...but I'll always be grateful for the part they played in my growing up.

Thanks girls!!!!

Hugs from here,


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  1. My best friend all through school just lost her husband of 42 years last week. While we had not been close as adults we did occasionally see one another as we live in the same town. Memories of us as little girls are precious to me...
    Have A Great Day!!

  2. I recently reconnected with a girl I went to grammar school with and was best friends with before she moved to New Mexico 25 years ago. We have email marathons every two weeks and one of these days we will have a long chat on the phone. It seems like everything and nothing has changed! I don't know that long distance relationships last, but we can hope!


  3. I have a couple of friends from when I was in high school. One I just connected with after looking for her for 30 years! It is so wonderful to reconnect. My main friends when I was young were my cousins so I do have some connection to them. It is amazing though how some friends have shaped our lives even after all these years. Great post- xo Diana

  4. What a lovely tribute posting to friends of yore. Makes me start thinking of my own besties from long, long ago. Oma Linda

  5. The fact that you had these friends and these safe places during those pivotal years is a blessing, Jo. I have been very fortunate with long-time friends. I have one I'm in touch with via daily emails whom I've known since kindergarten. I'm currently in L.A. visiting another friend from grammar school -- actually she was a young nun (23 years old) and I was an 8 year old student when we first met. She's still a nun and still one of my most treasured friends. Words can't express how much she helped me when I was a child (recovering from two life-threatening illnesses and, like you, in a chaotic family situation). Now we're peers and dear friends. She is 81 and has cancer, but still teaches me lessons in daily joy and gratitude. My other friend whom I am visiting I met at work 42 years ago. She's the daughter of a famous writer with whom my nun friend was close -- something I didn't know until yesterday. Life can be so circular! And friendships -- however and wherever we find them, whether they're from childhood or come later in our lives -- are such a treasure. Some friends stay in our lives and some -- like your sweet childhood friends -- live vividly in memory. However we experience them, they're a blessing.

  6. One of my dearest friends I was at school with, and another one who is quite a bit younger than me, I met just after I started work at 16, her father was my boss. We keep in constant contact and see when ever possible.Diane

  7. How very kind and thoughtful to remember your girl friends. I am recently renewed with my junior - senior girlfriend, Mary Nell, found her on FB. We lived on the Gulf Coast of Florida, Venice, a lovely city. Today it is crammed packed with people and the ideal city is gone.

    Thank you, for sharing.

  8. Hi Jo..what a sweet and heart-warming post...thanks for sharing such beautiful memories and special friends!! Wonderful!

  9. Oh, gosh, did this bring up some stuff. Like you, I have had no lifelong girlfriends. I find myself thinking of my friend Kathleen often now and have written about her on my blog. We were both 5 years old and lived next door to each other when we met. I remember clearly being in my room and hearing, "Little girl, little girl, can you come out to play?" We remained friends until we entered high school. Then she moved away. We stayed in contact for awhile, but we were both headed on separate paths. It would be wonderful to hear from her again.

  10. Thanks for stopping by for a visit and sharing that hilarious Proverb, I LOVE IT! I am thinking Cows might be easier, I dunno???! *LOL*
    What a great Tribute Post to your Childhood Friends. I am Blessed that my Best Friend is a Friend since our Teen years... with growing up Traveling like Gypsies we didn't stay anywhere long enough to maintain face-to-face Lifelong Friendships, but thankfully we have kept in touch over the years with many Friends from back in the day via Letters, Phone Calls, Internet and the occassional visit when they can make it to where we have now finally set down roots. Since our G-Kids talked us into using Facebook we have recently reconnected with some long lost and childhood Friends too that we did lose contact with over the years... and that has been awesome to catch up with each other's lives and see new Photos.

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  11. LOL I remember tether ball...great game! I just reconnected with a friend from school and we are the best of friends now...I have two actually one that I met about ten years ago...Boy are like sisters to me...I see many from school but we have changed and grown in such different directions that sometimes it is a disappointment more than enjoyable...but they are still a part of the formidable years and those memories remain precious regardless...wonderful post about this..<3

  12. Sweet Jo, I cannot say that I have any "lifelong friends". I'm not sure I even have short term friends other than my blog friends which I do indeed adore...
    I know I'ave been MIA here; but you know I'm out of state dealing with some highly stressful things at the moment! I appreciate you continuing to stop in at my blog and leave such sweet comments! It really means the world to me. I am hoping to be home in about 2 weeks for a while (crossing fingers) so I can get back to reading my favorite blogs. In the meantime....I want you to know how very much I appreciate you! ~Big hugs, xoxo

  13. I loved that photo...I kind of wish those styles would come back, the 30's was it?

    I don't have a LIFELONG friend either. I think that might be kind of hard in this day and age where everyone moves so much.
    BUT....I have a best friend from high school, we went to college together, and it was through her brother that I met my hubby.
    Then time and distance and LIFE took us away from each other for 40 years.
    NOW...I am back with that love of 40 years ago, moved back here to Alberta and me and that friend have picked up right where we left off.
    It is WONDERFUL.
    And I also have another best friend in Utah who was connected to the hip with me for 22 years before I moved up here, but we still call, and when I go home for a visit we get together.

    I am very thankful for those 2 gals, and all the others that have enriched my life, if only for a while.


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