Friday, February 10, 2012

IT'S ALL ABOUT ME................

Well.....the above pic is not is from the wonderful Suzanne at Privet and Holly....BUT....I SO LOVE THE SIGNS!! not to mention that cute, cute baby... ok...onto the post....

This may not be very exciting to any of you.....but it is certainly exciting to me.

Today....while out to lunch with very dear friends...I had someone inquire about where I  bought my lovely necklace.  I said 
"I MADE IT" and....the best part is out of recycled junk!! Her comment was "Do you have a web site...It is wonderful!!"  

The above piece is made from the top of a bag balm can, part of an old napkin ring, an old earring, an old jewelry clasp and some of my mom's old pearl's...with a few beads to top it off.  The best thing is it is ALL recycled stuff excluding the few beads I had to purchase at Joanne's.  

Needless to say...I was very flattered at a complete stranger's interest.

She asked for my card ...... 
Here is the pic on my card.....had to share this with you too!! (O:(O:

Tis' a good day.....



p.s. Please disregard all the age spots on this old gal's neck....LOL LOL


  1. Jo, how great to be so complimented on your beautiful jewelry creation. And made of recycled stuff makes it even more precious.

  2. What a gorgeous necklace!!! How talented you are.One day, when I have a camera that can download pictures, I will show you the one piece I have left from when I used to make jewelry.

  3. What a gorgeous necklace, how clever are you? Very!

  4. What a great necklace, and to think that it is from recycled material. Good job.

  5. Beautiful necklace, you are so talented~

  6. Age spots? I was too busy looking at this gorgeous necklace. Don't make me have to scroll back up and look at spots. lol
    Congrats on such a lovely compliment. Isn't life good when someone notices something that we have created.
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend

  7. Splendid news. Gorgeous necklace. Good luck and congratulations.

  8. Nothing beats originality! And I'm sure those are freckles, not age spots. Just like mine!

  9. How wonderful that a person took the time to compliment someone. So many times we see something of beauty and we fail to thank the person for bringing that beauty into our lives. The necklace is gorgeous.

  10. OMG, I have to agree with Maggie. I'm not about to scroll back up either.
    Perhaps others see our talent and creativity when we are blind to it.
    L♥♥♥ve your creation, Jo.
    CONGRATS on the out-of=the-blue compliment.

  11. WOW...what a lovely compliment but then, it is quite a magnificent necklace so I can understand why. You're so clever! Btw, I didn't notice age spots either.

    That doggy on your card is SO cute!

    Oh and I like the message in the first pic too ~ :)

  12. Love the necklace and your card! Congratulations to you!

  13. Wow that is amazing!

    I would never be able to do that
    -Well done you.

  14. Age spots? Nothing there that I don't see in my own mirror! LOL The necklace is lovely. I'm not surprised it got noticed and admired. Congrats on the much deserved accolades. (Love your business card too!)

    Mary :~)

  15. Hi Jo, that is so beautiful!... you definitely need to open your own shop... and your business card is the sweetest!... xoxo Julie Marie

  16. Hi, I see you read Mouse's writings too!

    That is a well made necklace, and all the better for being "upcycled" materials too.

  17. See, I told you so! Beauty is as beauty does! And I love that you have Sophie on the card. But most important is that all is well with your soul....that makes me smile:)

  18. Your necklace is lovely Jo. Hope to see more of what you're making.


  19. Oh Jo it is stunning... no wonder it was turning heads & drumming up interest! Perhaps a Jewelry Line is in the making? *Winks*

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  20. I bet you were Thrilled to have a total stranger come up and compliment you on jewelry that YOU made.
    You have some real talent there.

  21. Jo that piece is so stunning! You really know how to recycle! Great jewelry and great opportunity to get new people to buy your beautiful pieces! Woo Hoo!


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