Wednesday, October 19, 2011

ANOTHER GARDEN OF EDEN.................

With fall and winter settling in part of the I wanted to show you some of the beautiful photos from Butchart British Columbia on Vancouver Island.  We had a home up in the Pacific Northwest for 15 years and visited this beautiful spot whenever we were able.  It was always a must see when we had visitors to the island.

The gardens were originally planted in the bottom of an old lime quarry....and over the years it has grown and grown in to the magnificent spot it is today.

It is open year round ...... these are shots taken one summer several years back.

You are able to visit the gardens over Christmas as well....when everything is awash in twinkly lights.  We have not done this....but hope to someday.

Some of these shots were taken inside the wonderful restaurant they have on the premises.

I've said this before and I will say it again....I think the garden's in Canada are some of the most beautiful in the world.

If you ever get a chance to visit British Columbia....this spot is just outside Victoria and is worth the visit.
Let's all embrace beauty where ever we find it.
I know.....I'm a little out of sync here...but came across these photos while getting organized at home and I just had to share this beauty! (O:



  1. Sooo beautiful Jo... I visited there many years ago when my daddy was stationed at Ft. Lewis Washington and we all went there... loved it then and would love to visit there again... xoxo Julie Marie

  2. Oh my. It is heaven on earth. So, so beautiful.

  3. So beautiful! I have known about these gardens for about 30 years, and although I have lived in Ontario for 25 of those, I never did get out west! Now I live in NC. Some day though...I will get out there and see it for myself. Thank you so much for sharing.

  4. Know what I love about coming to see you here Jo? You show me things I've never dreamed of seeing, places I'd never know of if not for you. How blessed I am to know you. Not only on here, but face to face for most of a day:) Keep taking me places....xox

  5. I love those gardens! We visited there several years ago with our cousins from Banff. Your pictures are lovely!!!

  6. this is awesome Jo...
    thank you for sharing this beautiful place :D

  7. The vibrant colours are simply exquisite.


  8. It's always a good time to see beauty and these gardens are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Oh my goodness, those are beautiful photos. I will have to go visit. I live closer than many, so I have no excuse for not going!

    Speaking of Canada, I think Banff National Park is the most beautiful natural scenery I have seen anywhere in the world. So I guess Canada has the most beautiful everything!

  10. Sendings return ((hugs)) for thinking of us, and sharing this wonderland;

  11. OH MY GOODNESS, the intensity of the colors are UNBELIEVABLE, JO!

    It is so nice to see you dearest! AND YES, we are all miracles, really! I must get on over to B.C some day; I have great blogger friends there I need to meet!


  12. A mere 40 minutes from my home Jo!!! And I get to see it all the time, and each and every time it still takes my breath away!

  13. Oh Jo, what amazing images. The colors are so varied and vibrant! I would love to be able to visit this treasured nest of nature someday. You have been to such wonderful places, my sweet gypsy friend. How wonderfully blessed you are. Out of sync? Never. You are right were you should be or you wouldn't be there, ;-) Hugs, dear friend.

  14. So very beautiful indeed! And I love the post about your grandma. Have a wonderful weekend. Tammy

  15. Hi honey
    I embrace beauty every time I am lucky enough to visit you. Just amazing these photo's of the gardens. Would love to see these some day but now I will just enjoy through your lovely site.
    Hope you are well my sweet friend. I miss you

  16. Beautiful photos.

    The colours are wonderful.

    Have a good week Jo.


  17. I've been there once and hope one day to see the Gardens at Christmas too! Simply gorgeous.

  18. Wow..super beautiful post! Gorgeous garden beauty!! Wowness..and yes so wonderful it is Canada!Hooray!
    Thankyou for this beautiful spotlight!

  19. I visited there over 30 years ago and always wanted to go back. The landscaping is so inspiring. Makes you want to go home and create something as well. Well we hope to take a motorhome trip sometime in the next few summers to the Island and visit all the wonderful sites like this again.


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