Wednesday, July 12, 2017


I have posted many times about using what you have to decorate around your house.  CREATIVITY OVER CONSUMPTION.....has been my motto for quite some time now.

This little house is full of my treasurers  collected over a lifetime during many of our travels both in the U.S. and Europe.

Since I would certainly NOT call me a minimalist.....I like seeing all my treasurers and having them around me.  There is a certain comfort from being able to see items that bring back wonderful memories and are also beautiful to MY eye.

This is the bathroom off the master suite and the one that I use.  Brad said he didn't care what I did as long as additional construction was not involved.  So I made it MINE.  

I have named this little room ANNIE OAKLEY MEETS GYPSY ROSE LEE...Makes me smile every time I come in here.  I moved the feather boas elsewhere as they were a little over the top...even for me! haha

When I see all the sleek bathrooms out there with all the marble and white walls with beautiful huge tubs.....I admire them....but that is not me.

I need things around me that exude warmth and bring 
back great memories.....because, sometimes, memories are all you have left in the end.




  1. Your bathroom is lovely.

    I also like to surround myself with good memories and the stories of my life. They give me joy.

  2. I couldn't like your bathroom more! (Although I WOULD love to see more photos....) I agree with your "take" on style, memories and creativity over consumption, etc. ♥

  3. Is the Annie Oakley element that bulls-eye cushion, lol?

  4. I think your look is colorful, feminine, eclectic and comfy. I'm not minimalist either.

  5. Cool....I love the chandelier above the tub.


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