Thursday, April 13, 2017

READING THE "OBITS".............................................

O.K......I admit it, I have started reading the obituaries in our daily paper.  I think people can be separated into two groups.....those that do.....and those that don't.  I'm a do....and actually enjoy doing this little task daily.

I come across old friends I've lost track of over the years.  Old neighbors from long, long ago and many, many other interesting people.

In fact, there are quite a few I really wish I would have known while they were alive.

There was an article in today's Wall Street Journal about the writing of 
"obits"..and how some people actually "TELL THE TRUTH" about the one's who have passed.  You know the one's....who are tightwads, selfish, quarrelsome, nasty....the list could go on forever.  However, in the majority of "obits" the loved one is KING OR QUEEN FOR A DAY and most of us leave it at that.

I'm actually thinking of writing my own "obit" before I pass....that way I have control ON THE WAY OUT!!  haha



  1. Writing your own obituary is a great idea! Most obituaries here are just one or two lines unless you are famous or rich xxx

  2. I do. Lately, I have noticed some have included political comments. I guess the y wanted to get the last word.

  3. I'm definitely planning on writing my own obit. I don't want any sad person trying to figure it out while they are grieving. They don't deserve that and they probably wouldn't make it funny enough. I read the obits and have for many moons. I live in the same town where I grew up and it keeps me aware of my friends' parents -- and now, more so, my peer group. Happy Easter, Jo.

  4. When we did get a paper..s..for about 100 yrs..I was a reader of the obits..

    I guess having read my parents so brother..aunts was something I did out of that we do everything online..I don't read them..I will ocasionally type in a name..Google and am saddened when I read someone is gone.we have a small town newspaper..and that's where I read about ocals..people I have met..people I worked with..people I knew.
    I am very aware of our own mortality now:(
    I think I hate that.
    I don't want an obiturary..a wake..a viewing..a celebration of life..nor does Jacques..
    Done.. just done when it's done.Sounds awful..but that's the way we want it.
    Yes Happy Easter on that cheery note;)


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