Saturday, April 22, 2017


Hi dear friends.  This is a photo of me on my 70th birthday.  It was taken at a dinner in celebration of same.  I'll soon be 71 and of course should have spoken out about this little issue earlier.  

Why is it that in today's society that once you are past 60 or 65 you suddenly become invisible.  Your opinion seem to no longer matter, your visibility all but goes into a closet and any  thing of new  interest always seems to be about the young.  I know.....we have had our "time in the sun" so to speak...but we still have ideas and comments to contribute to the world.

I follow a number of different media sources and rarely are the older folks even mentioned.  We are still here and we still are interested in design, beauty, art, culture, reading, making a living, cooking, people, travel.....just to name a few things...and the list could go on and on.  Oh.....didn't even MENTION politics!!!

Often times...even our own families don't value our input as they think we are the "old fogies" and we don't matter.

I know this is a "sounding off" post but I am tired of not getting credit for the wisdom I have gathered in all my 70 years of living.  So listen up all you young, too, will be here someday and I only hope you will be treated with more respect than is shown the elderly in our society today.

I am "miffed" about this and I hope it will change but with the tech explosion and the disengagement of  face to face contact I'm afraid it might be asking too much.

Just me sounding out today!!




  1. Ha ha, I am your age so I get your meaning. My church encourages elder women to walk along side younger gals, and everyone gains from that. John Piper wrote "become a sage as you age." I like that. Happy birthday. I am an April birthday too, maybe the same day as you.

  2. I'll be 70 in January, I feel your pain. I still work part time and do most of the things I've always done except I do get tired a little more quickly. We are just wiser....we still have a lot to contribute. Happy Birthday and I wish you many, many more!

  3. I found that turning 70 was freeing. I was annoyed by invisibility also but then I embrassed it. I no longer am hesitant about things, I worry less about appearances, and my accomplishments are thought of with admiration by my loved ones. Heck, these years are so much easier than my 60s and I am so thankful to be around to enjoy them.

    You look great. Don't worry about the numbers, because "our days" are the whole ride.

  4. Yes, this is a common complaint of everyone I know who is in their senior years. Our society worships youth, there's no doubt about it. Terribly unfair, as is so much in our world. Just keep on speaking your truth!!!

    Love your blog redo, by the way. Very spiffy!

  5. First, what a beautiful photo ! You GLOW girl!

    I would have to quibble with you about age though. I'm 59 and have been invisible for quite some time. I'm so glad you brought it up - I'm grappling with this in a huge way right now. I literally wake up in the morning wondering what my place in the world even is.

    Looking for answers and inspiration...xoxoMary

  6. First of all, you are so dazzlingly gorgeous! That's a fabulous photo!

    I know what you mean about media and aging. I read the Next Avenue online site -- that has a focus toward it but in a lively, positive and upbeat way with lots of good info. But mainstream? Not so much.

    Hope you are having a good weekend. I appreciated your "sound-off!"

  7. You certainly don't look 70. I know what you mean, its like you know what? I will be 82 in July and I know exactly how you feel. Well I got news for them, we the senior citizens have the experience and knowledge that they don't even know about.

    My hats off to you for this great post. Have a wonderful week and always express how you feel.


  8. What a lovely, vibrant woman you are.

    I turned 68 a month ago. The last 4 years and 5 months have been quite a transition for me. Not just in being a sr., but in losing my dear husband, and losing my job 2 years later. But God has a plan for my life and I am thankful for each new day. I putter in my gardens, right now I have a temporary part-time job, I'm involved with my church.

    This society does cater to and places youth on a pedestal and are forever touting how to stay looking young. We can't let that get us down. We know from experience that youth fades, and it isn't always what it is cracked up to be. I want to age gracefully and peacefully.

    Happy 71st, may your year be filled with many good things.


  9. I couldn't agree with you more!

  10. Oh well said Jo!!! I couldn't agree more & have been going through the same thing lately....some appreciate the wisdom but far too many do not... So i try to content myself by having my say online once in awhile but trying to live as peacefully & without drama now..very hard at times with the human race!!! I hope you had a very wonderful birthday sure don't look 70 my friend!! !!! Great Post!!! HUGS :)


  11. Happy becoming 70 day!. September was my day. The day arrived and I felt so proud and excited to have arrived to 70 years.the
    There are perception changes for us aging ones. Even my children think I'm invisible❗️ Hah❗️
    And so it is. Retirement is a grand program! I'm having fun, some days , I make my own sunshine. My interests keep me engaged in my journey.


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