Friday, November 13, 2015

WHAT A DIFFERENCE A YEAR MAKES.....................................

It has been just a little over one year since we downsized into this little spot of ours.  A year of both sadness and multiple blessings.  We have made a few changes to the inside of the house and the yard.  Wanted to show some of the changes we came up with by using old stuff in a new way.

I believe the most difficult aspect of moving is how you will use your existing things since we certainly could not afford to go out and buy all new.  As I indicated in a previous post, I only kept what I LOVE and that in itself was a huge undertaking.  Using old things in new ways to bring back memories and smiles.  In the photo above I hung all my Chinese Lanterns and umbrellas from my porch ceiling.  It is a fairly high ceiling for a porch and I figured they could be installed there with little effort.   That way they can be put to use instead of being stored away;  reminding me of the many trips we have made around our country and the little treasurers I found along the way

Right now the weather in AZ is spectacular...we have this wonderful window after our long, hot summer.  Everyone is out planting and visiting nurseries to be able to enjoy their yards over the winter.  We actually planted a plant in that YELLOW pot called Tecoma 'Sparky', love that name. Had a lovely plant there last summer but it simply burned up with our heat.  So we try again, with something different. 

I know many of you are entering the fall and winter season where you are, BTW, which I do miss.  Here in AZ we seem to have an eternal summer which allows us to enjoy all the wonderful bounty God has provided to us.

Keep smiling dear friends.



  1. Your home looks warm, inviting and welcoming.

  2. This space is just perfect. So inviting. I want to sit there and soak in the sunshine.

  3. Good Evening Jo, Oh my word, how beautiful is your garden. I love the colourful throws on the various chairs and the chinese lanterns are gorgeous.
    .... and you grow lemons. I used to live in Cyprus and we had lemon trees in our garden....there was nothing like picking fresh lemons, oranges and figs from our trees. Your garden has brought back so many lovely memories.
    Best Wishes to you.

  4. It looks so beautiful and so cozy, Jo! Just perfect! I'm so glad you're feeling comfortable after a year of such change.

  5. I should very much like to step out onto your porch, plunk down in one of those wonderful chairs and just savor the beauty you have created in this little have. It's lovely Jo. I'm so very happy you've settled well.

  6. Hi Jo, I'm a new reader and wanted to say hi and introduce myself.......I am enjoying your pretty blog so much and I love the pictures! I also love those Kantha cloths you pictured.....they are so nice!

  7. That is a beautiful space! I'm working on "downsizing" in my house; too many years of clutter. I plan on spending the winter clearing out to be ready for Spring with a lighter feel to my house.

  8. Wow Jo, your outside space is so inviting! I love all the bright colors you use. Arizona sounds so nice to me right now. Have a Happy Thanksgiving! Jen


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