THE HEALING AND HOPING SEASON............................

Life keeps moving on at it's normal pace.......
with events happening that are totally out of our control, but one thing we can control is how we take care of ourselves..which is needed especially during difficult times.

I am a  big fan of organic and natural skin care, and since good cosmetics have become so very expensive I often come across something I can make myself that I believe has a wonderful effect on one's skin.

This skincare recipe is from the above publication.  I had not seen it before so I picked up a  copy to see how I could incorporate some of these items in my personal care.

It is such a simple concoction and so very easy to make.  

3/4 cup chopped need to peel
1/4 cup liquid coconut oil...I personally use organic
1 cup white sugar
Basil leaves as much as you like .. mine are from my garden out back

I chopped cucumber and basil.   Put them into my blender, added the sugar, then the coconut oil.  Then I put the blender on puree and mixed it to my desired consistency.  I like my body scrubs to be a little on the goopy side ... if you want yours a little thicker just add more of the cucumber and basil.  This has the most clean refreshing fragrance you will ever experience.

Pour the mixture into clean storage containers.  Mine are plastic as I did not want to worry about dropping them in the shower and having the glass shader.  
But you can certainly use anything you have on hand.  This recipe made a little over two small jars of scrub.  It stores well in the fridge for two weeks...and I promise you will not smell like a SALAD when you exit the shower.  LOL LOL

This mixture does miracles on rough feet and elbows...although I use it over a lot of my body just because I like how soft it makes my skin feel.  Be sure and rise the floor or the tub or shower thoroughly as this can be slippery and you will want to rinse any little pieces of 
"green stuff" down the drain.  (O:(O:

Enjoy this and let's make a pact with ourselves to TAKE CARE OF OURSELVES THIS UPCOMING SEASON.

hugs from me,



  1. Well, I'm excited about this on so many levels. My youngest daughter has been really getting into making natural skin care and bath products. Not only do I want her to make this one for us, I want to get her a subscription to that magazine for Christmas! shhh...don't tell!

  2. Hi Jo,
    Hope you are doing well. :)
    Thanks for the great recipe. I will give it a try. I love organic things especially for my body.


  3. Hi Jo,
    Now this is a great way to treat yourself... The last photo of the flowers is just breathtaking.
    Thank you for sharing.

  4. There must be something about cucumbers as they are often recommended for many forms of skin care.

    Take care of yourself.

  5. Hi Jo, this is beautiful and lovely to see you taking care like this. I need to do this more often too. The photos are beautiful and I never heard of this magazine, will love to have one or two...or....three :D
    I'm especially intrigued by the "For Strange Women Perfumes" and was impressed by their organic perfumes, and I would indeed be of ''the strange'' make my own perfumes too for years now. My latest is Tuberose with Sandalwood, and Vetiver and Rose for Talk about being transported into other worlds...

  6. I'm with you on that pact. Still working on healing after the death of my mom. It's hard when you never get that chance to mend the past and say good bye.

    Hoping you are doing well. Thanks for the skin care recipe. I've used cucumbers for bags under my eyes from late nights or too many tears. They are fabulous.

    Great hearing from you again. I've missed you.

  7. SO much better for you than the commercial stuff with all those chemicals!

  8. That scrub sounds wonderful! It seems like my skin is already drying out and it's not even all that cold just yet.


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