Thursday, October 2, 2014


I have not been in the blogging world for quite some time now.  I have missed it and I have occasionally visited various friends here.  It does seem that this summer's events have really put a damper on who I normally am.  

As most of you know....we moved in late July....a downsize which we love..but was SO VERY MUCH WORK.  Unpacked in about 5 weeks.  I mean on the walls everything organized for living.

THEN....on August 26th my wonderful soulmate had some very serious colon surgery.  We are not "spring chickens" any longer so recovery has been a slow process for him.  And, it seems, for me also.  LOL LOL

Perhaps there is a tad bit of depression going on....but I plan on snapping out of it and getting back with the business of life.

Speaking of which.....tomorrow is my birthday.  Nothing big planned, although we are going to be going on a little trip for a week or so with our traveling friends.  Looking forward to that.  I know this post is all about me and an update here...but it seems like I have been gone so long I just need a good "kick in the pants" to get back to this business of blogging.

Stay well sweet friends,



  1. At this point in life it is about taking one step at a time. When life interrupts, I go where I am needed. Everyone understands on blogger because it is the same for them also. It is good to see you back.

  2. It sounds as though you have had quite a stretch of things that just wear a person out. So first off, I hope you will make time to have a lovely and relaxing birthday and pamper yourself a bit. And I send healthy healing wishes for your husband's full recovery. It's not easy, this life thing, is it? But it's what we've got -- so enjoy your special day.

  3. Happy birthday tomorrow, Jo! And best wishes to your husband for a full recovery. I had colon surgery about 4 years ago so I know that recovery does take a while. But in the fullness of time, everything will be zipadeedoodah again, take my word for it!

  4. I think you need a nice big (((hug))), a shoulder to cry on, and a happy happy birthday SOOOO I'm sending them all to you. love and prayers..j;

  5. Happy Birthday, Jo. Sometimes those unexpected bumps in the road really CAN knock the stuffing out of you. You are going to do just fine though. It sounds like you have set your mind that it is all going to be okay...and it will. God bless your partner and I hope there is a full recovery there. xo Diana

  6. Change always means a period of adjustment. Happy birthday! Perhaps your little trip away will bring back some of your joie de vivre. Blessings, Tammy

  7. A very happy birthday and a very lovely trip for you and your husband. Pam xx

  8. Happy Birthday, dear friend. Sounds like a lot has been going on in your life. So sorry. I'm here for you if you need me. Sending positive thoughts and prayers for your hubby's speedy recovery. Don't forget to take care of yourself as well.

  9. You will get through all of this! I had colon surgery too and it takes time, for both partners. I hope you have a Happy Birthday and just take a little step at a time in unpacking. It will get done.
    Big hugs!

  10. Happy Happy Birthday Jo!
    just give in to the moment and take your time with everything, no agendas, just 'being', purposeless, and having fun with that if you can. Recovery after so much of life happening does add up when we are older, so please be more forgiving of your body, events, feelings, etc, just let it all go. You have so much talent and beauty to be grateful will find your groove in perfect time. hugs, Lady

  11. Happy Birthday Jo....massive hugs and sparkles and wishing you blessings always!

  12. First of all, Happy Birthday dear Jo!!
    May you keep celebrating many more with good health , happiness and love!
    I have missed you!
    So sorry to hear about your hubby's colon surgery. Hope he recovers soon.
    Hugs and keep well and happy

  13. Happy Birthday. I hope you enjoy your day and that it lifts your spirits. I wish your husband well. Take care, both of you xxx

  14. Happy Birthday, Jo! I hope you have a relaxing, peaceful day. xo
    Wishing your husband well on his continuing recovery.
    A week away with friends sounds like a real blessing after all you've both been through.

  15. I understand Jo about the recovery does take a while especially when your older .I hope your husband is doing better....and especially take care of yourself as a caretaker..I have been on both sides....sometimes I think that is the more exhausting role as caretaker...everything falls on your what you can & leave the rest...Happy Belated Birthday ...:)


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