Tuesday, October 21, 2014

MAKING TIME......................................................

"There is a time in your life for everything~~but not everything all of the time."

It seems as though when I take a little trip...I always spend some time reflecting about my life and the improvements I hope to make when returning home.

All of us have the same 24 hours in each day and yet it seems as though I often fill mine with trivia and just "puttering" around the house.  I set little goals for myself and let other things get in the way.  

This year I have turned 68 and have vowed to pursue some of the goals I have long neglected.   These goals are really fairly simple, actually....but it is just a matter of MAKING TIME.  I want to begin a solid exercise program, as I am having some knee issues and know this will improve my overall health.  I want to get more involved in being creative.  It seems as though I have just let that part of me disappear.  I want to spend more time with friends getting out of the house for lunch or just visiting.  My diet could use a little overhaul...so I plan on attempting to make this happen.  

My little list really is not very long...but I need to MAKE TIME BEFORE I RUN OUT OF TIME!!

Just sayin'
from me to you..


  1. It's great to hear from you. I've already begun working on some of your goals. Great minds think alike. For the first time in my life I have begun attending an exercise class and am thoroughly enjoying it. Hoping you and yours are both well.

  2. I think of that often. My word for the year is "Now." Do it Now. There's so little time left if we wait.

  3. That's the thing of it all, isn't it? Making the time to do the things that are really important to us rather than WASTING time and/or killing time. Thanks for the reminder to do what's important. xo Diana

  4. Yes, sometimes we just have to priorize certain things and be firm about letting them have priority over all the other things clamoring for our attention. Wishing you much success!

  5. Oh! I need to make time too! I am always fighting fatigue, but I have to learn to carve out some time to accomplish some little goals at least! It seems all I do is laundry and nap! I am going to try and set some goals and stick to them!

  6. Hello Jo,
    I know the feeling. I too sometimes wonder where the day has gone..
    I am always working on what to do next. Then i relax and start again.
    Wish you luck with your diet.. its changing what we eat, that helps.
    Making the best of our time is key to our well being.
    happy week Jo.
    xxx val

  7. Dear Jo, I know exactly what you are saying! Most days I feel like I didn't get half done that I planned or needed to. At 53 I am having issues with my knees and one hip, as well as just going through surgery. It seems like there is never enough time to complete the things I want to do. I spend much more time doing things I HAVE to do! I wish you the best of luck, those are great goals you have set, and completely do-able..if you make the time! :) Take care, xoxox Christel

  8. i've always been terrible at running by a clock. i stopped wearing watches in my teens to not be ruled by time lol
    i'm a 'go with the flow' sort of person, and have accepted that. although i AM on time for appointments! ;)



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