Thursday, June 20, 2013

LIFE ADJUSTMENTS...........................................

All of us, at one time or another, have had to make a transition in our life.  Well, at sixty-six years old, it is finally time to make yet another one in mine.  
My wonderful husband and I have decided to sell our large home and downsize into something more manageable.  We have been here almost 12 in a wonderful area....have beautiful neighbors and certainly will miss this spot.  

However, I know something even better is around the corner.  The biggest concern now is what to do with all the "stuff" that one does seem to accumulate over a lifetime.  Of course, we will keep things we love, but out of necessity we will part with things that no longer have any significance in our lives.  I want to do this move while we both are still alive so as not to be overwhelmed when one of us do eventually pass.

I am feeling a little overwhelmed at present...but I do know that this process will take time.  It is kind of like eating an elephant...."one bite at a time."

The actual event will probably not happen until the fall....but we are starting the process now in order to chip away little bits at a time.

Have been looking around the web at funky homes out are a few...
Who wouldn't love this spot...gardner that I am...

All front back to care for!

Here is another....simple house....lots of green.....

Hopefully this will be our last house so it does have to be the perfect spot and have the right feel for a home.  I know it is out we are on the hunt!

hugs from here,

First Photo:  Kim Klassen
House photos...somewhere on the web


  1. Best of luck hunting for teh perfect house.
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  2. your will know when you find it, it will just feel right, we sold our house and down sized BIG TIME, we are in a one bedroom apartment, with a view to die for but very small, took a while to get used to but I would never change it now, it was a wonderful freeing process, sometimes it stung a little, sometimes it hurt a little but in the end it was addictive, freeing, I wish you all the luck best wishes, its a wonderful life to be free of our possessions owning us,

  3. As you know, I recently downsized, and I have never been more happy. The only unfortunate thing about my move was that, because I chose a building this time, I have no back yard to plant in. Last year I tried a window garden, but was never home to care for it. This year I am going to try again.

  4. Life is always changing. I know you will find the perfect place.
    Smiles, Dottie

  5. Always good to keep changing and make the move while you're both in good health and have time to do it.

    Good luck finding that wonderful new spot for your home.

  6. My hope goes with you on your quest for the perfect place. I love my fifth wheel and found the process of getting rid of stuff to be such a great feeling. Like you said - one bit at a time.

  7. You are SO wise to downsize by choice, not by necessity in a crisis situation as so many people end up doing. That's the best way to be in charge of the process. More people should do that.

  8. Hi Jo, I know you are not blogging much anymore, but it sure is so nice when you do. This was always one of my most favorite places. I know you are going to be soooo very glad when you downsize now, and have only simple essentials whose simplicity you will love....with lots of your Gypsy color of course! lol.
    I wish you both the best in house hunting! Keep us posted with pics. hugs, lady

  9. Your post is really resonating with me. We are living our dream yet know at some point we shall need to downsize. Timing is always tricky. Leaving good friends is always difficult. Your positive attitude will serve you well as you make this journey. Thank you for sharing and I shall keep my prayers for you...

  10. i am doing the same thing! i am going to move into our guest house so at least i know where i am downsizing to. however, i sure am having trouble. i have so much stuff and i am not sure how to transition. i am worried teddy will miss the main house. she is old and set in her ways. wait, that would describe me! it is an interesting experience to go through. you spend so long acquiring things and then all of a sudden you realize, now i have to get rid of it all!

  11. Good morning Jo ~ I want to say thank you for visiting my blog and your kind comment.

    I wish you well as you and your husband look for a smaller home.

    I laughed when I read ** It is kind of like eating an elephant...."one bite at a time." ** My BIL just gave me that advice the other day, so it's obviously something I am needing to learn at this time in my life. I am living through a major life-adjustment, and am taking things one day at a time.

    The right home is out there for you to downsize too. Enjoy the hunt, the letting go of things, and moving into you hew place that you will call and make your home.


  12. That sounds like the right thing to do at the right time in your life. I think about doing it every now and then but then think I will have to go through the unopened boxes in our basement from our last move 12 years ago. I have decided to let our kids do that as most of the boxes belong to them. They left, but their stuff stayed behind.

  13. Oh, Jo, that has to be a hard decision, yet one I know many of us will make in coming years. Just the thought of purging stuff freaks me out! So hard to say goodbye to things you love because there won't be much room. Yet liberating too, I think -- or hope! I know you'll find a wonderful spot for your new home because you won't settle for less!

  14. Hi Jo,
    Thanks for visiting and following my blog. I am also considering moving to another house, in another state. It is such a hard decision. Leaving friends behind, starting everything anew. But the future seems to be full of hope... The best of luck for you!

  15. We too are planning to move but nothing is set in stone yet. While I want to downsize the yard I don't really want to go too small for the home. We have been in our house for 30 years and my oh my do we have a lot of "stuff".
    I think I am kidding myself.
    I love the flowers in that photo. What a bright cheery home. I wonder what it looks like in the winter months?

  16. The best of luck to you and your hubby in finding the perfect new place in which to dream and create, dear Jo!
    I just know that with your intuition and artful eye, that dream will materialize...
    It is overwhelming to start going through the "stuff" are so right do begin now...a bit at a time....
    Sending you much light and love,
    - Irina :)

  17. How exciting for you and your husband Jo, also, such a daunting task! I know your soul will help you seek ,and find, the perfect place for both of you!My dream spot would be surrounded by nature, water, and quiet! I think my only "demand" would be a studio that has a north facing window..or a wall of them! Best of luck to you as you are sorting through memories. It will be hard to part with things, but perhaps ask I love it? do I need it? can I get by without it? or will I regret it, if I don't keep it? this should help you weed through a lot. Have a great week, xoxo Christel

  18. Dear Jo...what an exciting time for you as you let go of familiar surroundings and move on. I just experienced this. I can tell
    you that I culled before the move and am still culling even after
    the move. My perspective on things I needed to keep was overriding
    what I truly have room for. Now I'm making trash and treasure boxes
    for family and friends, lol.
    I'm sure you will find the perfect place for you and hubby and have
    so much fun in the hunting process. Godspeed Dear Lady and Blessings
    on Gentle Winds to You Both...
    xoxo Akasa

  19. Hi Jo- We have talked about doing the same thing- It's a big step isn't it? I wish you well-you will know when the time is right and I will pray that you find the perfect house just for you! xo Diana

  20. Going through all the stuff is the worst part. I need to organize and purge here but just can't seem to get going on it. So time consuming. There's lots I could and should get rid of. Like you said, a little at a time. I'm sure the perfect home is out there waiting for you. Best wishes, Tammy


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