Thursday, February 21, 2013

RED BOOTS.........................................

I purchased MY FIRST pair of cowboy boots at 65 years old.....and they had to be RED!

You might be curious why a woman of my age would be purchasing a pair of cowboy boots.....first of all....they are extremely comfortable and warm.  Second....they make me smile each time I wear them...and third....We  live in Montana and Arizona.

We have been having some very cold weather here as of late and I have finally gotten loads of use from them.

I wear them with long skirts as well as jeans and slacks....and the RED is perfect for making a little statement with any outfit.
Went to the Arabian Horse Show this week with a friend....walked around all day ....and my feet felt great at the end of the day.

Don't know why I waited so long to purchase a pair!  (O:

Oh....BTW.....the first picture is the front of a card a very dear friend sent me....she suffers from boot envy!!!  LOL LOL least that is what she tells 
me.  The card could not have been more PERFECT.
I think everyone should own a RED pair of boots or at least a RED pair of shoes....they DO put a little more pep in your step!!




  1. Good for you! It's never too late to fulfill a desire. Now you just have to buy a beautiful red cowboy hat to wear with them :-)

  2. I used to wear cowgirl boots all the time. Then I broke my ankle and had screws put in. Now they rub and hurt. Makes me so sad. I love your red ones. Great color and you're right - they do add a spring to your step.

  3. So very Cute. You go girl!!!!
    Smiles, Dottie

  4. Oh- Jo- You don't have to tell me why you love them. I am almost your age and have wanted a pair forever! I am jealous, too! Those are gorgeous!!!! xo Diana

  5. Enjoy your new red boots Jo! I got my first pair of cowgirl boots for Christmas (mine are pink) and I love wearing them too. They are fun aren't they?

    xo Danielle

  6. I have a friend who has red cowboy boots too! She swears by them.

  7. They are fabulous! Funnily enough I have just bought a pair of red Dr Marten Boots. So we both have good taste! Xxx

  8. Hello Jo:
    Red boots! Simply wonderful. And why ever not? And such a fun way of brightening these long winter days.

  9. I am loving the red boots. I will be in the market soon for a pair of comfortable cowboy boots myself and your description of the red boots have me sold that I might just have to go with red myself. Glad you are enjoying them! Big hugs, xoxo

  10. I only have ever missed two pieces of clothing in my life.
    One with my layered dancing dress (fully layered skirt that flowed out when spinning) AND my cowboy boots. I was like you and wore them constantly. People have said I'm too old for that now but ha-ha I can use you as my perfect example ;-)

  11. Dearest Jo...
    You are living my dream, lol! You go girl! Every woman should have a pair of red cowboy boats. Many years ago, I met a woman in Portland, Oregon named Patty that had a red pair of cowboy boots and I instantly fell in love with them and her...she was a force to be reckoned with, lol. We'd dress up and go to the Blues Clubs to listen to the music and dance and she'd always wear those boots...she could light up a room with them. You just managed to bring back some long forgotten memories of wonderful times. Wear those red boots till you wear them out, lol!!
    I bet you'll have great times in them too. Great Post by the way and love the way the look!

    Radiant Blessings,

  12. Love red. It always gives me a mental boost to wear it--watch out, here she comes!

  13. One is NEVER to old to do things that makes one smile :-) enjoy your lovely boots Jo! My friend had her nose pierced at sixty! Good for her :-). I am saving up for my first tatoo :-) hugs Pam

  14. Why not have a pair of red cowboy boots at 65..that is when we have the real confidence to wear them.
    My daughter wears them all the time in Switzerland.. especially during the winter.
    Can't buy them here.. but I would have a pair Jo..
    Enjoy them..
    super post.. I love your images on your side bar.
    happy weekend.
    val xx

  15. They are absolutely smashing
    that is all my late husband ever wore.

    He said they were the most comfortable
    shoes he ever had.

    Red is a power colour
    and makes such a bold statement

    Red is beautiful
    just like you.

    waving hello from Canada
    blessings Sharon

  16. Yay Jo..fantastic..enjoy your new red boots..shine on! I love red loved wearing my red doc martens!

  17. Those boots are gorgeous!! I am a huge proponent of touches of red....and no excuse required....
    Wear it cause you love it!!! That is enough of a reason, non???
    I am completely obsessed with the blog "Advanced Style" the attitude and creativity of the men and women of a certain age....
    Enjoy, dearest Jo!!
    Love and blessings,
    - Irina

  18. Love them! Yes, it has been quite chilly here lately, but looks like temps are finally on their way up. I am ready for summer!

  19. Love them. I too purchase a pair of red cowboy boots with white star cut outs, no less. I don't wear them much but just knowing they are in the box on my shelf makes my sixty something soul brighter.


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