Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Yes....October 3rd is the day I was  born.  Was born in Germany.....right after the war....as my father was stationed there.

Came to the states when I was around 3 or 4 years old...and have never returned to Germany...although I would like to someday.

You know it is interesting.....I don't feel 66...oh I have a few aches and pains...but in my head I'm still the youthful woman who looked forward to a life full of promise and adventure.....and I am so very grateful that that wish has been fulfilled.
O.K. enough about my birthday....let's see a few photos of where we have been.

These shots were taken along the road through Wyoming heading down to Colorado.

Stayed in Fort Collins Colorado for a few days.  It is home to Colorado State University and while driving through the University spotted this spectacular sight.

Can you believe this feast for the eyes.

Here are a few close shots....

I will tell you....that field of flowers just took my breath away.

After Colorado...down to Southwestern Kansas to visit my beautiful Aunt Ruth and my cousins and their wonderful families.....

I know I said I was done with my birthday...but wanted to show you the wonderful keepsake she gave me before we left.

This belonged to my Great Grandmother Rumford (b) 1/24/1876 (d) 5/12/1938......at which time it was given to my Grandmother Maupin (b)11/24/1901 (d) in 1959....so you can see how old this vase is.  I was so very touched that she would give this to me as I know it had a special meaning to her.   It actually is something that would of caught my eye if I were purchasing it for myself......ahhhh....."the apple does not fall far from the tree".....so they say.

I know this is a long post...but have not been able to get on the computer for quite some time.  Headed to Texas hill country to spend my birthday week......heck.....I think I just might celebrate my birthday ALL MONTH!!

Thanks to all who are following along.....I will visit when I can while traveling.




  1. Happy Birthday, Jo! Heck yes, celebrate all month long! You deserve it!

    Your pictures in Fort Collins are stunning! This is the true beauty of a road trip! I love your beautiful gift from your Aunt. It's precious!


  2. Happy Happy Birthday Jo! :D:D:D enjoy your day. Its good to hear from you again, and this post was not too long, almost too short! LOL. hugs,lady

  3. Sending very Happy Birthday wishes to you! :)

  4. You SHOULD celebrate your birthday all month...or for at least 66 days, or how about 66 hours !!!
    Your pictures were lovely...wow all those flowers at CSU...I enjoyed them as I sit here in the rain which is supposed to turn into snow tonight.

  5. Happy Birthday wishes, and I loved the photo and the lovely keepsake! Looks like you had a great birthday. Many happy returns...


    Sheila :-)

  6. Happy Birthday to you. You really don't want me to sing it to you. Those flowers are so beautiful. Especially this late in the year. Now we both know we have very different tastes but even I would treasure your keepsake because of the history involved with it.

  7. Happy birthday Jo! The gift of your heirloom vase is very beautiful. It looks like you. Now if you happen to travel on route 66 you simply must get your picture taken next to the sign. Happy birthday! Happy travels!


  8. The flowers are beautiful. From what I've read and viewed in your blogs, the vase is perfect. Yes, it is almost with scientific accuracy that the apple does not fall farm from the tree.

    Happy Birthday.

  9. Hello Jo:
    Many, many happy returns of the day. And may today be especially wonderful for you as you head off to Texas hill country for your birthday week. And such a colourful post, the brilliance of that 'field' of flowers, to send you on your way.

  10. Wonderful photos, your aunt´s gift is precious. Sending my best wishes for a Happy Birthday

  11. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday Jo.
    Enjoy your trip to Texas. I love Texas.!
    Your Aunt's vase is beautiful. How wonderful that it went to you.
    Like you say..make your birthday the whole month..
    happy travels.
    val xx

  12. Happy Birthday Jo! I am a firm believer in birthday "months" so go right ahead and celebrate away. You have earned it and you deserve it. The photos are beautiful, but the vase is divine.

  13. A very Happy Birthday to you my dear! :) And many many other after! :D I think your vase is stunning, the history is so rich and charming and you love it, what more to ask for? :D

  14. 1st off HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! To one of the sweetest people I know...hope your day is as beautiful and special as you are. Enjoy your TX trip! The photos are lovely as always. Big hugs, xoxo Mitzi

  15. Happy Birthday, Jo! I love your idea of celebrating your birthday all month and in a variety of locations!

  16. Jo! Happy Happy Birthday, dear lady! You are a wonderful 66 and I hope you have many more birthdays filled with flowers and loving people. And that chocolate cake looks pretty divine.

    Have a wonderful birthday month.

  17. Happy Birthday to you Jo!... the flowers are just beautiful and your stunning family vase is priceless!... xoxo Julie Marie

  18. Happy Birthday Miss.Jo! Enjoy the Hill Country...I'm not far from there at the moment and it's just beautiful right now!

  19. Happy Birthday, Jo!! May you have a wonderful MONTH celebrating your birthday!!! How exciting and what a lovely post full of colour. That vase is precious....you can't put a price on sentimental value.

    Thanks for dropping by....so lovely to hear from you. xo

  20. Happy Birthday! It's so nice to hear someone talk about their birthday and not gritch about getting older. Wishing you many more and I'd like a piece of that cake.

  21. Thanks to all of you for the kind and wonderful comments on my birthday.....it means so very much to me.

    hugs and kisses,


  22. Happy Belated Birthday, I hope you had a wonderful day.... We share a B-Day month, mine is the 16th, I'll be the Big 56 ~ Your photos are Beautiful, I always enjoy the scenery, since I never get around too far, since I don't have a car... but it is still my wish to one day Travel (we did so much as a kid, I miss it!) xox

  23. Oh, dear friend, I missed your birthday and I humbly apologize. This new blogger has not been putting all the posts from some of the blogs I follow on the list, something I just discovered late last night. When I didn't see a new post from you, I just assumed that you were traveling and hadn't posted. Please find it in your heart to forgive me. Hope you had a wonderful day. I feel so bad right about now. You have been such a special friend.

  24. Happy (belated) birthday! Wishing you another 66!

  25. I arrived here by blog-hopping, just in time to read your farewell post. I dont know you,having only just found you, but i would like to wish you well anyway. I read down, to see it was your birthday too, so a happy birthday, even though its late. beautiful flowers by the way!

    Leanne x

  26. Oh I feel terrible Jo, I missed your birthday... I hope you are still celebrating! Happy Birthday!!


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