Monday, October 29, 2012


AND here IS a good ghost/horror

When Halloween comes around....not many people consider this story....but I do....a story about an Opera Ghost....The great is that.  This opera has breathtaking music, the costumes luscious and the performers ~~ superb.
This performance took place at the Royal Albert Hall in England.

I have seen this many times over the years....but by far the most memorable was in New York City many years ago when it was on Broadway, or maybe off-Broadway, I can't recall.  I saw it at a little theater called the Winter Garden....
don't even know if that theatre is still there. the opening scene when that chandelier came down with that pounding organ music in the background...

It literally made my ribcage vibrate....and took my breath away!!!

I think this opera will be 26 years old this year...and it is still as popular today as when it first appeared on Broadway.

Here are some great shots of Christine and the Phantom doing their love duet...

This gentleman was a "very sexy" Phantom just in the way he moved across the stage.  

Here he is when he carries Christine down to the bowels of the Theatre....and sings his songs of love to her...

Another shot of him attempting to seduce her through song.....

Another one of my favorites is the Masquerade scene.....

All of you who have seen this performed 
  know how the music just stays in your head forever....and if you have not seen it or your children and grandchildren have not seen it....please treat them to this wonderful opera.  It can be rented on Net Flix if unavailable in a live theatre near you.....

So in honor of Halloween and this wonderful opera I would like to share with you My rendition of my Phantom Masquerade Mask......

Used an old rug beater as the base.

This is my old paint towel....can you tell? (O: is how mine turned out.

I've hung it up just outside my it can inspire me from time to the way.....the blue cards are fortune telling cards......more on that with the next post.





  1. its beautiful and I never thought of this being a Halloween movie but you're right!!

  2. how intriguing! and how cool your choice of Halloween movies, a good one! I remember seeing the movie when I was younger, it was a good movie! I love the inspiration and the blue tarot cards...that's intriguing too. LOL....thanks for staying nice to see things of interest....taking us to places we would not go otherwise and yet enjoy seeing!

  3. Jo- That is just beautiful- I love it! Phantom is one of my all time favorite shows ever. I saw it Off-Broadway many years ago- once you see that chandelier you never forget it! xo Diana

  4. I have never seen Phantom and I know I would love it. I love theater (believe it or not). Another one of those I could never create it but I can truly appreciate it. Your mask is beautiful. I love the peacock feathers in it.

  5. I too love Phantom and was lucky enough last year to see the follow up Love Never Dies xxx

  6. That beautiful masquerade mask would catch the Phantom's attention, Christine or no Christine! I saw "Phantom" performed live too (touring company) and my favourite scene is when the Phantom guides the gondola with Christine across the lake of candles. Ooooooo!

  7. I love it too.
    I saw it on Broadway in New York. I will never forget it!!!
    Smiles, Dottie

  8. I love your unique take on a Halloween theme - a beautifully constructed post. Andrew Lloyd Webber's music is haunting.

  9. Hi Jo,
    Happy Halloween To You!
    Loved looking through all the beautiful photos of the Phantom of the Opera. That is my all time favorite! I saw it awhile back in New York on Broadway!

  10. I saw the play twice. I loved everything about it. The music, the costumes, the special effects. It was magical. The scene with the chandelier was one of my favorites and so unexpected. Love your mask you created.


  11. A Great Halloween Love Story! And your Creation is Beautiful! May you continue to be duly Inspired...

    Happy Halloween from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  12. I absolutely LOVE the Phantom of the Opera and have the latest film on dvd. Thanks for the reminder, I just might have to pop it in the dvd player tomorrow/today. PS. click the link to my name...I've made everything else go away...will be blogging here from now on. Big hugs to you sweetie...Happy Halloween! xoxo

  13. phantom was the first play i actually saw live, loved it and always enjoyed playing the music in band class

  14. i loved the phantom, too! rumor has it that
    andrew lloyd webber wrote all the songs for
    sarah brightman's amazing range. i'm
    surprised they have found sopranos to
    replace her.

  15. Oh have always wanted to see that opera!!

  16. I, fortunately, have seen this opera and I too love it.

  17. It is a wonderful show to watch. But your mask is sooo creative. I really that. What imagination to start of with the rug wacker for the base. It does make a beautiful hanging for the wall as well. Wishing you a wonderful week.

  18. Oh my what a comfy place to visit indeed. That is on my bucket list to see that play while I still can see..lololo YOur mask is gorgeous and I am just reminded me to unpack mine..Thank you for visiting puddleduck grange......we have a great deal incommon I see..Keep looking lovely....Ill visit again soon ...♥Debi


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