Thursday, September 13, 2012

HANGIN' OUT...............................................

Artist:  Sharon Lynn Williams

No......not that kind of hangin' out......LOL

We are really not doing much of anything right now....packing up is finished, have visited with friends and most of them have headed for their respective homes for the winter. 

Skyler is now in his third lesson in class.

This was the sign Miss Ellie has waiting for us the first day....

We are making some progress....but he is FAR from being the teacher's pet...I might add. (O:  He does keep us busy...but.....

I'm actually not very good at just hanging would think by now, at my age, that I would be more comfortable with that concept.  I'm the kind of lady who always has a project, or has to be doing "something" waste time is very uncomfortable for me.  Guess that is a lesson I'm going to have to learn.  As I get older, I'm quite sure I'll be doing more Hangin' I best learn how, huh??  LOL

Wanted to close with this great sign:

That's it from here.




  1. Skyler is so cute, and I just love the idea that he is in school. Now, as far as hanging out? I love it. Absolutely love it. But I am sure in time I would get bored.

  2. We're at Lake Pleasant and it is hot. 98 today with 100 for the foreseeable future. Skyler is such a cutie. We took Scooter to school and she flunked - really flunked so we didn't even try with Skittlez. The teacher told us that dachshunds are notorious for being stubborn, I'm not going to do it, students.

  3. he is so very cute, how could he not be the teachers pet? I don't like doing nothing but it seems that I do more and more of it all the time..;j

  4. Hello Jo:
    Well no hanging out for Skyler!

    For our part we simply love days when there is nothing we have to do which, for the most part, is every day. But that said, we choose all kinds of interesting ways in which to pass the time and conclude, like so many others, that there are never enough hours.

  5. Love the sign, very true. We often think our first impressions are far more accurate than they actually are...we all have a lot under the surface. Wishing you all and cutie Skyler a great weekend, Pam x

  6. There are several great things
    I love about your blog today.

    First is that wonderful painting
    at the top of the page.

    Skyler is a precious soul and twas nice to
    witness his first day of class.

    Your closing sign is a great message
    for all of us to follow.

    here here

    blessings Sharon

  7. Its pretty hard to sit and do nothing. I totally agree.
    I seem to be falling into a nice pattern at the moment and I am enjoying it.
    For me , there is always something to do.
    Now, i find more time to pamper myself and enjoy my relax time.
    Glad that Skyler is coming along. He is so lovely.
    He will be fine with patience. I have 4 little ones.. they soon know where their place is.
    wishing you a good weekend JO.
    val x

  8. Sitting and doing nothing drives me carxy too~lol~Glad Skyalr is starting to take to being "the new kid in school" :)

    Ive never read a more truer quote that one~

  9. I am sure, Skylar will be a great student. He'll wiggle his way right into the teachers heart.
    Hanging out...I have had to learn to do that since moving here. After working downtown at a courthouse, busy with kids, grandkids, friends, clubs and gyms's........the solitary life of the country has kind of kicked my butt.
    I PREFER to be busy and productive, but in the winter especially here, I just HAVE to come to peace with hanging out

  10. Jo,

    Thanks for stopping by and discovering my blog! Much thanks for your reply and may I say I've jumped abroard your blog now.

    Sounds like you and I are cut from the same cloth per se', hard to just sit and squander away blessed time. Some day we'll slow down, haven't a clue when, but until that time, if there is a garden that needs weeding, I'm sure we'll be there.

    Warm hugs,

    Cotton Peony

  11. Jo Thanks for stopping by for a Blog Visit. Like you I am not one to be idle for long... or down for long as you observed *winks*... just so many wonderful things to do, see and Create!
    I'll be sure to show you the Gypsy Curtains hung in the Showroom Entrance next month when I move in... I'm so excited!

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  12. I am not a sit around and do nothing kind of person either. I am not even much of a TV watcher as I feel like I am wasting time. I love the sign....for it is so very true.

  13. First, that's a grogeous painting. And second, that photo of you with your dog is wonderful! One of my dear friends breeds Cavalier King Charles, and I think they're just wonderful!


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