Thursday, September 6, 2012


Here is how it looked from our balcony two days is what it looks like today......

Had a nice rain overnight and now low clouds with an overcast sky. I always think these low, low clouds look like Santa's eyebrows....makes me smile!  Anyway......

On these kind of days...I like to make my clean out the refrigerator soup....
I'm sure each of you has a recipe for this but here is mine:

One large chicken breast boiled in water used to make broth for soup and meat used in soup.

Two Johnsonville Brats....I fry these in a pan and cut them up in pieces before adding to my stock.

Here is what I used today as I had these things on hand...
Diced chicken and Brats
Piece of kale
Two organic carrots
Diced onion to taste
Garlic to taste
Sweet potato left over from last night 
One small can of beans....any kind...I used navy....since they were what I had on hand
You can also add a can of diced tomatoes if desired....I didn't today
Salt and pepper
Also....throw in any herbs you might like in your soup.  I only have fresh Basil on hand and don't know if I will add this today.

Another thing I used leftovers for  is croutons.
I love croutons in homemade soup.  I had some left over hamburger buns so I simply diced them up....drizzled olive oil over it...and popped my cookie sheet in the oven set at 400 degrees and baked until nice a brown.  You need to keep an eye on these as they will burn easily....LOL....I know from experience...LOL LOL.

Well that is it for today....going to have my homemade soup for dinner this evening....
Here is a huge hug from my kitchen to yours!~!!!!!



  1. Good thing we're so far away or we'd be on your doorstep or dinner tonight.

  2. I just enjoyed a lovely rainy day,too. I was to lazy to make soup but after seeing your's I wish I had! It looks so very good.

  3. The soup looks good Jo. Soup does hit the spot on a rainy day. Hope you are enjoying your days in Montana.


  4. That soup looks scrumptious. My goodness, I am so waiting for soup season here. And what a beautiful view from your balcony.

  5. So when you yell at neighbourhood kids, "Get off my lawn, you brats!", they have no idea of the fate which awaits them if they disobey, eh?

  6. That sounds good, Jo. I made a big pot of chili today because tomorrow is supposed to be cold and rainy here- xo Diana

  7. yum! I really am all about the soup! It's my favorite "what to have" when nothing else sounds enticing. Your refrigerator soup sounds a lot like mine! Now if we would just get some cool weather...

  8. Home made soup is a big bowl of love.
    Its not quite soup weather here in old AZ. Gotta get out of the triple digits first -lol-
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  9. Hmmm sounds and looks absolutely delicious! :D How wonderful to have a hot bowl of soup!


  10. Hello Jo:
    Rain or shine, what very spectacular views you have from your balcony. And as summer ends for us, and autumn approaches, we rather welcome the return to comfort food which the new season brings.

    Kellemes hétvégét.

  11. Nothing better on a rainy day than a big bowl of soup, and yours looks delicious, especially with those lovely crunchy croutons.

  12. I love making soup on chilly, rainy days too! I hope you added the basil as it sounds like that would be a nice addition to me. Yeah, I have burnt many croutons so now I don't walk away from the oven when I make them.

  13. Hi Jo, the soup sounds delicious. I too have a clean the fridge out soup, usually very similar to yours!The views from your balcony are beautiful! The puppy seems to be enjoying it too! Have a great day, enjoy your soup. xoxo Christel p.s. if you are interested, I finally made a tutorial and posted it on my blog..1st time I have ever attempted one, it was fun!

  14. Santa's eyebrows...that is a cool visual.
    I LOVE, Adore, LOVE soup....of all kinds. It is truly the comfort food of allll comfort foods.

  15. Jo you've now made me so hungry that I'm Jonesin' for that Soup! *LOL* Good thing you shared the recipe! *Smiles* We've been having rainy days too, which is good cause it cooled things down a mite and since my Air Conditioner is still on the fritz with a part back ordered that is a good thing or we'd have to be hanging out even more at the Hospital just to stay cooled off! *Le Sigh* Thanks for stopping by for a Blog Visit and your Prayers are appreciated. The Man seems to be doing a bit better day by day so we're still encouraged and expectant of a Healing Touch by the Lord.

    Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  16. First of all, thanks for leaving your sweet words in my blog and for following me ! I read your profile and really loved the fact that you wrote "laughing" as your interest, I love people who laugh /smile often. And just like you, "Out of Africa" is also one of my favourite movies.
    In this post, I smiled when you said clouds look like Santa's eyebrows:))
    Following you now and hope that we will keep in touch through our blogs.
    have a nice day !

  17. Dearest JO!

    You will not believe this, but I was thinking of you last night!! REALLY! My goodness, how are you???

    Seeing your comment was SHOCKING only because it HAS been a long time since our paths have crossed, but to have thought of you last night then POOF! There you are....well that is just too funny.

    Thank you for visiting and what a great recipe! Here in Minnesota, the air is starting to cool off; it is not quite cold, but certainly not the hot summer we had.

    Have a lovely transition into fall! Anita

  18. I love to make things like this when the weather changes. Fall is my favorite.
    Yours looks delicious. I always burn the bread or croutons. Sigh.

  19. Thank you for the hug Jo...What a great recipe for a day like you are having...I like those sort of ones...throw in what you have...I have been doing this on a Monday...eating what is in the fridge or cupboard and it's great! Enjoy your soup xo

  20. I see some lovely friends here, and I thank YOU, dear Jo, for stopping by to see my post! How very kind of you...
    This soup looks fantastic, and I love the combination of the sausage and beans...
    I also am in love with your VIEW! Wow...what a stunning place to live...
    - Irina

  21. mmmmmmmmmmmm
    There is nothing better in the autumn than home made soup.
    I love it with crusty bread and butter. yummy

    Thanks for the recipe Josette

    hugs and blessings Sharon

  22. Dear Jo,
    Yes, we seemed to have lost each other for awhile.. So nice to see your most welcome visit and kind words.
    Oh this soup looks yummmmy! Nothing like home made soup...
    Wishing you a beautiful week.

  23. I usually make that kind of soups too... I have enjoyed reading your blog, I will follow you


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