Monday, July 30, 2012


Getting ready for our summer progress is always a bit of a "Chinese Fire Drill"....but once we are on the road all's well.

Traveling up North through Page, AZ....took some pics going through the Navajo Rez....

If you have ever been out to this part of our know how majestic these Mesas can be and the red  red dirt is like no other.

The Navajo were given this land as part of their treaty with the government...many, many years is pretty barren and dotted with Navajo huts and trailers now and then because many of them refuse to leave the reservation and want to continue their lifestyle as a Navajo.  However, no matter how humble their home.....almost everyone has a new truck parked in their drive.  I actually gave this some thought while traveling....why would you live in a ramshackle house and have a brand new truck outside.  My conclusion is the is the land that matters....not the house upon it....this majestic land they have been given and their ancestors have lived on for centuries is what matters....the earth, the sky, the mountains....all these things are weaved in their tales and stories....this is what matters.  

As far as new trucks go.....the reservation is VERY must drive long distances to reach any modern day needs a reliable form of transportation.  

All along the roadside you see little makeshift  stalls for selling pottery and jewelry made by the people from the tribe.  I have never stopped in all my years of living here....I'm told good buys are a thing of the past and you can find better products at the Indian Market in Santa Fe at the August market.

Took this shot so you can see the tremendous cut that had to be made through this Mesa when the road was developed.  I can't imagine being on that road crew or trying to travel to Page, AZ before this highway was is a long long way....and mighty, mighty hot.  

Well....that is it for today.....we are now in Utah ....... about half way to Montana.  Will visit blogs when I can....but wi-fi isn't always reliable......Thanks for stoppin' in.




  1. What incredible scenery! It is so majestic but scary too, so remote. xo

  2. wow, isn't it just amazing, I'm enjoying your trip!

  3. Love those pictures. Just to let you know the weather up this way is really very nice. Had 60 new fires over the week-end because of lightning but nothing too close to Kalispell.

  4. love hearing from traveling people....can you take a picture of your lovely lace lampshade you made? lol I'd love to see it again....will you make more on this journey? I remember those red roads and the rocky mountains there.....beautiful. I've driven cross country twice. thanks for this tidbit! lady

  5. What great pictures...and what a wonderful observation about the land, the people, the trucks. Amazing. I hope you enjoy every moment of your travels-xo Diana

  6. It's gorgeous countryside and you have captured it so well. It seems so real.

  7. there is so much beauty in this land, it's too bad so many people will never get the chance to visit it. gorgeous.

  8. So very beautiful! This sounds like a wonderful trip; so many amazing sights to see.

  9. ...awesome imagery! ~ heart felt thanks for this amazing share! ~ may thee blessed be!... ...xXx... ...Samantha...

  10. We visited the area many, many years ago on a family vacation (I was 10 or 12). I remember buying a few things from the people (a little wrapped Indian baby, a ring that was stolen at school during gym class). Things I no longer have. We had their traditional fry bread cooked on the side of the road. Beautiful area! Enjoy your travels. Tammy

  11. What a spectacular sight. The countryside sure is a wonderful place to visit during summer.
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  12. Wonderful post, Jo! Your pictures are just stunning!


  13. Love your pictures Jo. I know your road trip is going to be full of adventure. Be safe and have lots of fun.


  14. Great pictures! I've been to the market in Santa Fe--just there in May. Always gorgeous stuff there.

  15. Beautiful photos. I lived and worked at the Grand Canyon for 5 years and it was then that I fell in love with Arizona and knew I would eventually be a full time resident here. I have now lived here since 1994 and I never tire of it's beauty!

  16. Have a wonderful vacation!
    Always, Queenie

  17. WOW! If I have ever been in this area it would have had to be as a small child because I would no doubt remember such a spectacular view. That last photo is absolutely breathtaking! ~Big hugs, Mitzi xoxo PS. I couldn't comment using name & the link won't be to my New blog :-( but you can visit it at


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