Wednesday, June 20, 2012

CALLING ALL COW GIRLS AND GOOD COOKS..........................................

Allright.....temps in AZ right now where I live are running anywhere from 109 degrees to 113 in some areas....too hot to do ANYTHING I am spending time in my little studio.  Cranking out "Les Bijoux de Junque" as Debra from She Who Seeks has graciously labeled my little creations.

The piece above was made for my wonderful neighbor.....who is a horse lady.  In AZ.....all horse people have to own some kind of be a real I made her a little something to wear with her cowboy duds...although she doesn't own a truck....she can always pretend.

  And then we have this:

Have a beautiful Montana friend...who is a GREAT fact she worked one summer as a ranch house cook...anyway....made this little diddy for her.  From junk I have around usual....using an ordinary item in a new way.  Which brings me to this thought.....

Are YOU the kind of person who sees beauty where others only see junk?   I know I am.....I believe that comes from thinking outside the box....or growing up as poor as a "church mouse" or being a little "wonky" I'm not sure which.  (O:(O:
Which happens to fit right in with my opening quote today.....If your thinking is always so structured in black and
 white and everything MUST BE PERFECT.....and you always HAVE TO MAKE GOOD can you be creative?  I think creativity comes from "throwing a lot of things up against the wall....and seeing which one actually sticks".

Any thoughts on this?

Hugs from the hottest place on least that is what I think today!  LOL LOL



  1. Hi Josette, thanks for stopping by and for your sweet comment. I love AZ, visited once and fell in love instantly. That was in 2002, but I do plan to visit again. I'd love to be a snowbird but finances keep me planted right where I am for the time being. Lovely hand made jewelry. xo

  2. Whew, and I thought we were hot over here.

    You've made some lovely pieces. Wishing you a blessed solstice.

  3. I am not sure how I found your little piece of the internet here but I am glad I did. I live in Arizona too and would love to connect with more Arizona bloggers. I have mules and I LOVE that first piece you created. I don't have a creative bone in my body but I do appreciate those that do.

  4. Jo AZ definitely has FL beat today!
    I have to throw everything up at the wall to see what sticks, and I am learning that my "style" is eclectic or artsy, or maybe even considered "bad taste" by some. Whatever anyone thinks it is, I know that I cannot adhere to one, single solidary theme or color scheme throughout my entire house.

    My clothes however, I've always been creative in that department and never really cared what anyone else thought.(So why don't I do that with my house?) Hmm....

  5. Oh yeah, I too see beauty where some folks might not. Recently I posted photos of "weeds" and volunteer flowers growing in cracks in sidewalks. I am glad people let them alone to flourish in hard places. Your necklaces are brilliant! Waste not, want not.

  6. We are in the 90's and it is exhausting...I am definitely indoors today, too! Your pieces are beautiful and make lovely gifts! I wish I were a little more creative, but I do get inspired by ladies like you! :)


  7. Wow man that is hot!
    Where I live we are at the bottom of Winter - cold and grey and frosty but I guess we all have a turn at everything and so grateful for every day.
    Your roses are simply divine!
    Hugs from Downunder,

  8. i can't imagine those temperatures!!!
    i love your artistic talent. mine
    leans to the musical side of things.

    true beauty can't be confined to
    staying in the lines.

  9. Well, you know I'm not creative but I also don't need anything to be perfect or make sense. I struggle to think at all let along outside th box. lol It's going to be 97 on Sunday here in Billings for the kid's outdoor wedding. Hopefully it's short and sweet and we can get inside for the reception. Not sure how it's all going to work.

  10. Very creative! Love the cowgirl one especially.

  11. Hello to you too from the hottest place on earth -lol- I tell ya I rather the heat than the snow!!! :o)
    I think creativity is a spark from the devine. As such there is an element of mystery and depth to its definition that is unending. I have found with people that are wired to having a lot of control… black and white rules… etc... That introducing them things like color theory, 2 and 3 dimensional design theory, etc., they can see organization through the forest of perceived chaos and perhaps appreciate and benefit from “happy accidents”
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  12. Cute pieces Jo. You know if you drive about 100 miles north it's a whole lot cooler ;)


  13. I LOVE what you have created :) Beautiful

  14. I LOVE what you've created. Beautiful. It's been around 102 here..I'll take it :)

  15. And greetings from the rainiest .. hail, today, actually ! I can find beauty in the most unusual things and on the other hand feel quite cold in front of stuff other people rave about. It makes me feel at the same time a bit "lonely" sometimes but also proud to have my own opinion. Love the feeling of your blog !x

  16. Hi Jo,
    I remember the AZ heat way to well. :)
    Az. always has Florida beat heat wise! :)
    I love your two new pieces! I am sure your friends will be very happy to receive them. :)
    I for one love creating things "out of the Box" as they say.
    I create things that make me happy and hopefully make others happy too!
    Hugs and have a nice day.

  17. love those creations Jo...
    your quote fits me ~ out of the box
    when i create... BEAR HUGS

  18. LOL I feel like Maine is the hottest place right now but we are only topping off at 98 here...still for Maine...waaaaayyyyyy too hot....your creations are so amazing!!! and there is nothing like thinking outside the box...wish more people would think that way there would probably be more peace..:)
    Both pieces are great but....
    The necklace with the silverware is outstanding!!

    ((Hugs))) :)

  19. I love your creativity, where ever it comes from! Great pieces.

  20. Hi honey
    Gosh how I heart everything you create. I think you have to be creative and love all things in order to make such beautiful pieces that you do.
    It is really a blessing to see things through your eyes than those that see junk when they look at something.
    It is one hot summer for all of us I believe this year. I was afraid of it being this way but I thought not until maybe the middle of July. We are having such high temps it makes it hard for this ole grandma to get her chores done on the North Forty. lol
    Wish I had your gift I would not worry about the heat outside because I would be to busy creating.
    Love ya

  21. I was as poor as a little Church mouse too:) And yes, I do agree with you. I could never be a perfectionist. That would be way to stressful for me. lol I like to let my mind flow. LOVE your jewelry!!! Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog about our new little caper. Can't wait to share more.
    ~Debra xxx
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  22. Been in a slump know how that goes. Had to come see what I've missed. I love your junky jewels and am so honored to own one of them. Makes me smile when I wear it and I know the other's will too. You're a very special friend and I love ya!

  23. Hi, I'm in Scotland in the UK and you could send some of your heat to us please?? I will be visiting Arizona in September, really looking forward to it and to some heat!! Maybe not quite that much heat though lol. I like to think I'm creative but I'm not good at thinking outside the box, once I see what is out of the box I can take it and grow arms and legs on it but is that then copying? I don't know but I love what I do and thats what matters. Your blog is lovely and very inspirational, your jewellery is lovely, stay cool. x

  24. The temps may be scorching, but that's not stopping your creativity! FABulous necklaces, girl!

  25. Les bijoux de junque--hilarious. I still have a hard time letting creativity flow--I like to be perfect. For example, I like quilting because everything is very precise--the pieces have to fit together just so. Having said that, I made a big mistake in the quilt I'm working on now and decided to just leave it in there rather than try to take it apart and do it over. A different design that what I intended but it's all good!

  26. Your pieces are always stunning! I love how you find the most incredible items and turn them into unique treasures! Big hugs to you sweet Jo, xoxo


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