Monday, January 30, 2012


"Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth."

This is truly a spectacular time to be in Arizona....beautiful weather and lots going on with the Phoenix Open, Barrett Jackson Collectors Car Show and many, many art shows and flea markets happening around the valley.

I know many of you are covered with snow...but here....we are planting flowers and tending gardens.

I know....I'm busy tending mine.  I am basically a gardener who gardens organically as much as possible.  I use coffee grounds on my roses and fish emulsion on most of my plants.  You will not believe the size of your flowers or the size of their leaves with this combination.  It seems to work here because our soil is really "crap" ......yes
that is a technical gardner's term. LOL

Wanted to share a little bit of my garden with you today....I wish I could send you my Arizona weather....too!

Hugs to all,



  1. I'm thoroughly enjoying it, too, Jo! And I'm wondering why in the world I decided to leave all this to go visit friends and family in L.A. -- though their weather is good this week as well. I'm so impressed with the lushness of your garden! I'll have to remember: coffee grounds and fish emulsion. Thanks!

  2. What beautiful pictures! We have nothing growing here except snowbanks. I am so jealous! xo Diana

  3. I am loving the weather, too. I planted some herbs yesterday, sat on my front porch and enjoyed the sunshine. This is my favorite time of year. My next project is to get the trees trimmed.

  4. It's been beautiful weather here in south Texas too. I just love it. Love your photos. Really lovely.

  5. Oh wow-just beautiful! Everything here in SE Colorado is looking like... "crap". Hope you don't mind me using your technical gardeners term ;)

    Thanks for sharing your gorgeous garden!

  6. Oh my if I had missed this post of your garden I would of been kicking myself all day. Wow is what first came to mind and then unbelievable. Jo honey what a green thumb you have. I wish you could come to the North Forty and fix me up a pretty garden.
    I am taking a lunch break from mowing. The storms we have had here has made the weeds grow and the pond full so can't complain about the water but I don't like mowing in winter.
    Must catch up with you while I am here.
    Have a great week and smell those roses for me
    Love ya

  7. The only thing here that is green is me...with envy, for all of the lovely gardening you can do during these winter months! Thanks for the tip on the fish emulsion ans coffee grounds, I have to try that this spring and summer.

    Enjoy your wonderful temps!


  8. Oh My, I am loving the garden photos, here in Michigan, we are far from spring time weather, but so also far from our usual winter snowy weather~ I think we have had about 4" instead of 40 + at this time.... I am loving it, but My Son who loves to Snowboard, is Not! I always wondered why My Parents went to Florida for the winter, I am starting to feel the same way... I can hardly wait for Spring~
    Have a wonderful week, thanks for sharing you beautiful garden.

  9. Oh Jo, I am so envious!... your courtyard gardens are just beautiful!... I can hardly wait for Spring... hurry, hurry, hurry!... thanks for sharing your sunshine today... xoxo Julie Marie

  10. I got a giggle when I learned a new technical gardener's term in your post! The bouquet and the vase are charming and now you are reminding me to get fish emulsion.

  11. My sister and her hubby tried to go to the Art Show in Gold Canyon on Saturday. Traffic was so backed up they had to give up and go home. But the weather is so perfect everybody wants to be out and about. Love it.

  12. I have been missing you.
    Your patio is so wonderful!!

  13. Oh what beautiful roses. And what a garden. I'd be spending every moment there.

  14. All that luscious green in January is just too much for one living in the midst of Ky winter. But, I may dream in green tonight !

  15. Your flowers are beautiful, and i love your saying from Buddah...


  16. I also wish you could send some Arizona weather my way....although we have been quite warmish for our neck of the winds. Heck, we got up to 38 F today.
    Your garden would be a delight to walk through and sit in. Lovely.

  17. More proof that beautiful women are always surrounded by more beauty....
    Enjoy tending yours Jo:)

  18. Yes we are so spoiled here aren't we Jo? *Winks* Hummnnn, so, it seems that my flowers will love my Starbucks Coffee in grounds form as much as I enjoy drinking it huh? *LOL* Now I can justify my obsession to buying only the best coffee to make at Home *Smiles*, whip it up afterwards with fish emulsion {will have to figure out how to find that} and I'll have turned my crap soil to gold! *Smiles* Thanks for the tip because your flowers always look awesome! Yes, you'll have to stop by the Shop that took over the Candle Company, I was so sad when the other Shop closed since it was a fav of mine... and its not often that an equally great Shop opens in the same location and makes perfect use of the ambiance & architectural details I LOVED that the other Shop created. I was afraid whoever got it might gut it and make it look ordinary rather than extraordinary but they didn't, so glad... and their Inventory rocks!

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  19. You have beautiful homes and motor home. Green and colorful growing plants and flower adorn you life.

    Those deep in snow and cold weather are happy to see the warmth of your post.

    Thank you.

  20. Your garden looks very lush for being in the desert. I'll be coming to AZ on Sunday and will enjoy spending the month away from the snow and cold of Alberta.


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