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MY HUNDRED DAY PROJECT.................................

Anyone who knows me, knows, I have been a lifetime Gardner.  When I was young I used to have around l50 plants in my home.  Mind you, some died...but nevertheless, it never took the joy away from looking after the one's that survived.  I lived in AZ for most of my life so gardening can be sketchy.  

It does delight me to see that gardening has taken hold once again in this beautiful world of ours.  I hope that this is not a passing fad like Sourdough Bread and Kambocha and all that baking we were doing during the early days of lockdown. Gardening can be a lifetime endeavor guaranteeing the Gardner earthly delights each and every day.  Keep on digging in that dirt.

Stay happy



  1. I've never been much for gardening but I like looking at other people's plants!

  2. I get through winter easier knowing that spring is coming and I will be planting my seedlings outside soon. My mother loved gardening; I love gardening and I passed it down to all four of my children. I have hope for one of my grandchildren to follow in our footsteps.

  3. What is your 100 day Project? ... ..


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