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Just a thought today as it popped into my head.

I, myself, have suffered from the above state at various times in my life. You know the feeling....if one more person asks you to do one more will fear you will explode from all the stress.

I believe women suffer from this more than men do.  In fact, I just came across a term for this condition..HUMAN GIVER SYNDROME.  I know....everything must have a clinical name as of late but it is simply giving, giving, giving until you have nothing left to give.

Right now, with so many women working remotely from home I would imagine that BURNOUT has reared its ugly head in many a family.  

With mom home, it is so very easy to come to her for every little thing..unless mom has been able to set some very strict boundaries, and if you have, good for you.

I no longer have children in my home...just my sweet partner and myself so I can pretty much do as I please most of the time.  But I do remember what BURNOUT felt like.

Are you suffering from HUMAN GIVER SYNDROME and if so how do you cope with it?


 photo courtesy:  Janet Reid





  1. I have had short periods of burnout and learned that it is always a signal that I need to drastically change something in my situation. I agree it comes from giving too much and having poor boundaries. As I got older, I learned to set firmer, clearer boundaries and to say "no" to those who always seem to want a piece of me, LOL!

  2. Trying to balance a home, children, and a job is overwhelming. Then covid added so much more to that balance scale and burnout is unavoidable. Lack of sleep, trying to be a teacher when you don't know what you're doing, and on and on. So very scary for those trying to do their best.

  3. Yes, there were many years of “running as fast as I could.” I went on pure adrenaline and didn’t stop because there was no alternative. I was needed. Sometimes, I wish for those days back.


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