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" I AM ROOTED....BUT I FLOW". Virginia Woolf

2020..can you believe it?  With each passing year I am more amazed that I am still here.   Both my parent's died very young and if genetics prove correct sometimes one can have the same fate.  Anyway....I digress.

At the beginning of each new year I always find myself wondering what this particular year has in store.  With advanced age you can almost always depend on little surprises here and there.  Your life can be bumping along and then suddenly everything changes in the blink of an eye.  Your health changes, your finances change, family troubles, death of loved ones...the list goes on and on.

Instead of making any resolutions for this upcoming year....I have promised myself that I will embrace any and all change with thoughtful consideration.  No panic attacks, no jumping into immediate action, no needless worrying about things I cannot control.

I know that is a tall order because being human we are inclined "to want to do something....even if it is wrong".

Since I can't stop this aging process.....I have decided to "flow".  
On rereading the above quote by Virginia Woolf I have come to the conclusion she must have said this during happier times in her life.
By the time of passing she was completely uprooted and just wanted to go on and meet her maker.   Just a thought.



  1. Taking one day at a time and living in the "now" are always wise things to do. Happy New Year!

  2. Not sure of what’s ahead, have some fears, though not for me. I also have accepted that it is no longer needed for me to storm castles but rather, go with the flow and try to enjoy the view.

  3. You have the right idea. With age comes wisdom and I am striving to do the same, not have so much anxiety, try to go with the flow, but more importantly taking care of myself and savoring the time with my family and friends.

  4. Embracing change and going with the flow is a wonderful goal and I'm quite confident you will achieve it.

  5. Your post really hit a chord with me. Time has a way of changing how we look at things and how we handle circumstances. My best to you.

  6. So many changes came to me in the last year and I am trying so hard to deal with them. Just going to continue to enjoy life and deal with whatever comes.

  7. What a wonderful life lesson. I'm definitely aging---and we just are learning to take one day at a time...and trying to go graciously into 'old age'. Thanks for saying it all with such courage and common sense! Sandi

  8. Oh I so feel this post Jo! That good ole aging process just sneaks up on you out of nowhere & then it says "hey, watch this". I always said I would grow old graciously....but's hard sometimes! Happy New Year!


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