OH MY GOODNESS.....HAVE NOT BEEN ON THIS BLOG SINCE CHRISTMAS...................................

It seems as though I rarely post on my blog anymore.  Not that I am that busy mind you....
My outside activities mostly consist of just living...seeing friends, going to clubs I belong to and getting together with family.

However, lately I have been messing around the house again.  Painting on some of our walls in our sweet little spot.  

I really would never consider myself a real artist but I do enjoy the process and my thought is that you can always paint the wall back to its original color.  Although, in this case I think you would have to put on a heavy coat of primer and I have used some pretty dark colors here.

I have many pieces of art hanging on my wall but not a single piece of art ON MY Wall!!

Hope all of you are having a great day....I am.




  1. That's a lovely mural and it shows off the hanging jewelry beautifully!

  2. Hmmm, how fun. We all need a little 'Posey or two' in our lives. It was such a stinking long winter----enjoyed this and had to pin your genius!

  3. I love that mural and adore your hanging jewelry. Awesome. I do miss your blogging. Glad to hear you are well.

  4. Welcome back, Jo! It's good to see you!

  5. Just found you Jo. Remember Viking Cruise. SuZee and Alan. We had a great time. Love your blog.


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