This photo, of my son, was taken  a few years ago.  He was so very healthy here...had been working out like crazy and was eating really well and taking care of himself.  He has been gone a little over two years now and I still miss him every day.

This morning...when I realized what day this was I did a little trip down memory lane and remembered the day he was born.  I was only 20 years old, much too young to be having a child of my own.  He dad was just a year older...he was also too young.  When I think back over the years of my son's brief life I try to remember only the good fact I think I have purposely blocked out the bad.  

His love of music and animals is always something that brings me solace when I get a little sad about his passing.  He was a gifted drummer and never saw an animal he did not love.  His heart was as big as gold... although he did not have much to share with anyone...he would have given you the shirt off his back if you had asked for it.  

I was blessed to have had him although I'm ashamed to admit....I did not know how blessed until he left this earth.

I look for him everywhere I songs I little "hummers" that buzz by our window.  In butterflies that soar through the trees and in my little dog "Skyler"
 who often just barks at the sky 
saying hello to my beautiful boy. 
Needed to post this today in celebration of his life.




  1. I can't imagine the pain of losing a child. This was a beautiful post to celebrate a wonderful life.

  2. This is simply one of the most beautiful and eloquent tributes I've read. I remember when your son died. He sounds like an amazing man and that comes in part from the family. You will always look for him. And you will see him, as the song goes, "in all the old familiar places." And while that can grab at your heart, it also brings a sweetness of connection that never dies. My heart is with you today.

  3. I am sorry for you loss. This was a lovely memorial to your beautiful boy.


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