Friday, December 9, 2016

FINDING SOUL IN OLD THINGS......................................

I cannot believe the last time I did a post here was last June.  I have missed  blogging and visiting each of you when I am able.  

These are a few of the old items we have lying under our tree this year.

When I view some of these things I can almost hear the singing of the United Shoe Workers of 1912;  as well as the sermon that the Reverend H. Bursell must have preached during his travels in 1850.

One's life is made of memories and each year during the holidays they are especially acute.  

For several hears now...since the death of my son, Scott, the holidays have been something to simply get through...but this year seems different.  Perhaps the grief has finally been able to take a back seat to all the JOY that is in the world and in my life.  

We didn't put up a large tree this year as our home is simply too small to do so, but we did purchase a little three and a half foot tree that I have decorated with a few things that hold special MEMORIES. 

The dried roses on this tree are from many, many flowers sent to me over the years for birthdays and anniversaries.  I always dry the blooms and keep them for special things when I decorate.  The wonderful blush pink colored ornaments were recycled from a tree we had many, many years ago.  They were clear plastic and my beautiful grandson, Julian, and I used acrylic paint to transform them into something truly magical and special.  Once again making memories from something old and reused in a different way.

All of the above small trees were made by me with old, old, vintage bulbs and various Christmas items.  Since downsizing our home it was impossible to use all the bulbs on large trees around the I made small trees and have used them every year.  Each time I look at them memories come flooding back from various times in my life when the bulbs were used on different trees, in different homes under different circumstances.  Filling my soul with beauty. 

Once again, vintage items picked up along my way in life.  Some in Montana, some in Washington state.  I found the old bed springs in a wonderful little house along the road on the way to Kalispell.  Not knowing what I would do with them and putting them away for future use.   Found them this year and decided to use them as holders for some more of the wonderful bulbs my grandson and I made a few years ago.  BTW.....looking at this photo, I remember the wonderful little cottage by the highway and the kind and cheerful woman who sold the bed springs to me.  Once again...old things....adding memories and soulfulness to my life.

Vintage bottles picked up during travels across the US when we were traveling in our motor home.  Each one repurposed in some way to bring out the intrinsic beauty that old things possess.

Old books displayed on a workbench that was once in my father-in-law's garage.  This also houses a record player that my husband, Brad, gifted me on our first Christmas together.  He knew how important music was in my life and my previous one was given to my ex-husband in our divorce.  This wonderful player has played hundreds and hundreds of records during my marriage to Brad.  Looking at this not only reminds me of him and our marriage but also of my previous marriage to my ex-husband Bill who passed away many years ago.  He was a musician and gave my son Scott and me the gift of appreciating all kinds of music.  

I know this is a long post and perhaps it will not be read by many;  but this year I am in the holiday spirit and wanted to share all these wonderful memories.

Stay happy and blessed,



  1. Great to have a post from you again! You are so clever at repurposing things to make new things of beauty! But I must say, your upcycling of those bed springs take the cake!

  2. Old things certainly are beautiful and filled with so many memories. I love the bulb trees you have made. They look lovely gathered together on the mantel. Losing someone is never easy. Some deaths take much longer to accept and to find peace. Blessings to you this holiday season.

  3. What a lovely post. The holidays are about memories, old ones and making new ones. It is good to read that you are ready to enjoy Christmas again surrounded by what gives you joy.

  4. It's so very nice to see you posting here again and I hope you'll find the time to be able to return more often!

    Your holiday home is beautiful. I love how you managed to downsize yet still use some of your favorite things in new ways, like the small trees. And the preserved blossoms are a wonderful and very meaningful way to include your friends in your tree.

    Those first few years are tough ones, aren't they, Jo. I'm glad your joy is returning, bit by bit. It takes time. And it's never the same. But it still can be very good. Big hugs this season to you.

  5. What a beautiful post! I've missed your gorgeous inspiration - hope your holidays are just wonderful. xoxoMary

  6. As always, your posts are full of beauty and wonderful thoughts. It's good to hear that you are able to feel some joy and I want to wish you a very Merry Christmas.

  7. Oh, what beautiful "vignettes" you've created!
    You definitely have the knack for arrangement.
    So glad you took the time to photograph, explain and share.

  8. I've missed reading other blogs and writing in my own, too. Plan to remedy that. Thank you for sharing these treasures. I have an affinity for the "old" too. The dried flowers are just beautiful. Makes me a little sad that I didn't preserve any my husband gave me, but there were new flowers almost every Sunday. I just didn't know that the flow would end.


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